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  1. Exact same tactic, just this time no. 20 has the PPM gets further forward, causing him to become much more inclined to get forward earlier as opposed to holding the shape
  2. Not quite sure if this is what you where wanting but this shape is quite easy to create with a few simple roles along with PI's and ensuring the players you choose don't have contrasting PPMS. I'm not saying its perfect or even necessarily what you are looking for but it's something that I threw together in a few minutes just to provide an example of how you can do this.
  3. For me personally I feel that no team in the world will press continuously for 90 minutes. They will pick there times to press and other times will fall back into their defensive shape and await for the moment to apply their press when it arises. I'd translate this in fm terms by choosing when you push your trigger press/loe to the max and then drop it back down after a certain amount of time. This might not be a fool proof way of doing it but it allows me to maintain fitness in my team while maintaining control of the ball also helps.
  4. FBd with sit narrower and your oposite DC with stay narrower works perfectly fine for me. the role I'm hoping for is a role similar to the half back but will drop into the full back instead of the centre back space
  5. Sorry buddy I was referring to when you use one of the roles that aren't the FBd, I understand why you're using the overlap there. I was meaning more for if you where using a role such as the FBs.
  6. From what I've read/experienced it has a similar effect on the player in the attacking area without raising the mentality of the defensive player
  7. Glad you managed to get this working well buddy, I'm running a very similar back line at the moment but using a WBa on the left instead of the CWBa because I want him to be the main source of width on that wing instead of roaming from his position. Also you mentioned using overlap on the right to lower your wingers mentality, have you thought of using an underlap instead when using a role that isn't the FBd?
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