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  1. I can't ever seem to get the best out of my players and always seem to be falling out with big players leading to them asking for a transfer so I suppose I would say my Role Model on that front would be Mourinho
  2. You can always go onto the scouting page and search for players by their homegrown clubs (Player Search -> Add Condition -> Home Grown -> By Club -> Choose Club) Its a little labour intensive but if you want to know the players you can probably figure it out that way by searching by either Caps, Value or Reputation and come to a conclusion from there.
  3. Target man run onto ball vs high opposition defensive line?
  4. I'd like a withdrawn target man who plays in the AMC but I think that's only because I have a player I think could do a job doing that, not that it would add anything to the game
  5. Just had a look on my longest term save and checked every players aggression stat and how its developed and not one person's attribute has changed. It should be noted that I haven't intentionally tried to raise anyone's aggression attribute though so take it for what its worth.
  6. I've had some decent success with this tactic, made a few minor tactical changes to fit my team but that aside its working great Thanks @robbo877
  7. Its quite fun and challenging at the same time, just had to spend £8m on a left winger from Hearts to play back up to my first team. Hoping to blood in my youth squad and have about 50% graduates of my youth acadamy by 2021. Just to make things more interesting I think the club got taken over by someone who's actually tighter than that Fat Cockney W*nker!!
  8. I've got a save with any non UK nationals needing a work permit
  9. Hey guys, I'm coming up to the January window in my first season as Newcastle United and I'm looking for some suggestions for a striker to lead my line akin to the likes of Shearer. Obviously not on that level with the budget I've got but someone thats good all round and will do a decent job in the Premier League. Mitrovic is scoring albeit inconsistently, Gayle is always injured and Joselu couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun!! As for budget I've got around £10m and £70k wages, but if someone get suggested I may try and ship off Joselu for whatever I can, possibly £6m?
  10. Newcastle United are pretty fun since they've got somewhat of a relatively blank sheet when it comes to a squad you can take it whatever way you want tactically and they've got a 52000 seater stadium, can be a bit of a lottery though when you get taken over since you don't know what way the new owner will take the club. Haven't struggled to get Mike Ashley (w*nker) to upgrade my facilities though and there are a few interesting players in the youth set up you can blood into the first team capable of being decent HG squad players in the future
  11. Hey, long time reader but I don't really post as much as I should. That being said have you thought about maybe showing how a football ideal such as how Bielsa uses a set philosophy of how football should play but changing his starting formations and so on dependant on the opposition. Would that be something you would be interested in doing? Maybe building different formations around a certain style instead of a set formation with different styles and showing how you can build a flexible team like that?
  12. Ahh right, I think I might have got my wires mixed up with whats called what. Thanks for straightening that out for me. on a quick side note; thanks for the link to that article. Was a really interesting read
  13. Understood, but that doesn't mean that Guardiola implemented a counter-pressing system. Just because a system involves pressing doesn't make it a counter-pressing system. The aim of counter-pressing is to win the ball back as high up the pitch as possible and use it to launch an attack whilst the opponent is out of position. Tiki-Taka on the other hand aims to stretch the opposition and exploit the space created by doing this. Whilst sharing similarities in their systems Tiki Taka and Counter-Pressing are two different philosophies.
  14. As far as I am aware counter pressing and possessional football are two completely different concepts. Counter Pressing football aims to win back possession while the opponent is in the transitional stage between their defense and attack and in doing so leaving a team much less structured. To exploit this you must get the ball forward and attack as quickly as possible which is why a counter press only lasts for a couple of seconds before the team drops back into their defensive shape waiting for the next pressing trigger (Think Klopp's Liverpool) Possessional football looks to build attacks by dragging the opposition around and out of the position and exploit the spaces made with through balls and passes. While a system like this may have a high press it is not a counter press as such as passing the ball around after winning the counter press would negate the advantage of winning the ball back while the other team is in their transitional stage. (Think Pep's Barca)
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