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  1. I'm not claiming to be an expert nor would I have much faith in my judgement but I would make a couple of changes off the bat. I'd remove the instructions to distribute to full backs and center backs while having play out of defense, seems a bit of overkill to me. I like my goalkeeper to have the option to still kick it long if its an option, secondly I'd swap the WBa to a WBs being the only player up and down the wing I wouldn't personally want him on an attack duty otherwise he may end up too far up the pitch if a move breaks down leaving the flank exposed Another option could be
  2. Ahh wicked mate, yeah I was reading through it and they where the ones that seemed to keep popping up. I admit I missed off the ball though.
  3. This is such an interesting read, thanks for all the effort you've put in. Are there any attributes you'd consider key for every player to have for the system you've created? Having read through I'd assume you'd go with something along the lines of; First Touch, Dribbling, Determination, Team Work, Work Rate, Natural Fitness I'm just thinking of whether to try and follow a similar system and just thinking in terms of squad building.
  4. You really aren't missing anything worthwhile there pal. The way I see it is using you LoE and passing directness to actually dictate where you want your team to play. So going back to the example I used earlier of Leicester if you had a low LoE and More Direct Passing that would tell your team that you want them to burst in behind the defense (I know theres more needed that that but its a start) where as if you have a High LoE and Shorter Passing you're saying to your team to pass it around in front of the defense.
  5. Makes sense to me, my view on the more direct systems would be dependant on what kind of directness you're wanting. Say if you wanted a longball kind of style ala Tony Pulis you would want the high LoE so that your big striker is closer to the box where as if you are wanting a more burst in behind kind of direct system, ie 2015/16 Leicester, then you would want a Lower LoE for your pacier players to break into behind the defense, I suppose I'm going the long winded way of saying everything is relative? I may be wrong though I don't claim to know for certain
  6. I can't ever seem to get the best out of my players and always seem to be falling out with big players leading to them asking for a transfer so I suppose I would say my Role Model on that front would be Mourinho
  7. You can always go onto the scouting page and search for players by their homegrown clubs (Player Search -> Add Condition -> Home Grown -> By Club -> Choose Club) Its a little labour intensive but if you want to know the players you can probably figure it out that way by searching by either Caps, Value or Reputation and come to a conclusion from there.
  8. Target man run onto ball vs high opposition defensive line?
  9. I'd like a withdrawn target man who plays in the AMC but I think that's only because I have a player I think could do a job doing that, not that it would add anything to the game
  10. Hey thanks for the advise, gave it a go and seemed to do the trick, I think it might also have something to do with the fact my first team has around 6/7 regens under the age of 21 and it may be in part to their naivety.
  11. Hey had a lot of success recently after reading through this and your Ajax thread and implimenting those ideas into the tactics I've been using and I'm just struggling a little with closing games out since I either seem to win 4 or 5-0 or draw 1-1 conceding a late goal. I'm thinking this is because of the tactics high physical demands so I tried slowing the tempo a little and dropping one of the MC's back to a DMC on DM-def role but still seem to have the same problems. Other than that thanks for the inspiration and all the effort you must have put into this
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