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  1. How do you understand which are the right team instructions for your team? I read guidetofootballmanager.com but it's too much generic it doesn't give me real suggestions it's not for beginners. I find tactics the toughest part of the game
  2. For a newbie like me with a good stuff it is better to follow them as a guideline. For example if my assistant tells me:you have 6-7 players that can play as right winger then right wing wi be a fixed point of my tactics. We are on the same line of thought?
  3. At the end team report tells you where you have many options and where you are "short" so it's a suggestion about the tactics to use
  4. I can play always with the same tactic against any opponent tweaking only team instructions and role duties Or simply making them play out of role when there is need to play with a specific tactic
  5. It is correct to have at least 2 players for every role (3 stars first choice 2,5 stars backup) also in tactic positions that i don't use often?i make an example: if i play always only with central midfielders and my next opponent suffers against wide players it is alright at the beginning of the season to buy wingers knowing that i won't use them so often but only in few specific matches?
  6. The best way for me is to have 2 players for every position...every. For example i play usually with 4-3-1-2 but if i have to face a team that suffers against 4-4-2 and i have not wingers i can not use 4-4-2. Ok, i know that wingers won't play often but in that occasion they will be very useful. It is alright?
  7. I am confident to play with the tactics that create problems to my team,if it suits to my players. In fact i want to have 2 players for every role also in roles that i don't use so often
  8. I put the best 11 players in my team and according to their positions i choose the tactic system
  9. How do you decide which formation suits the players do you already have at your arrival in a club?
  10. So you don't make attempts to place them to other teams. I consider myself a newbie and for me team report remains a tool to use so much
  11. Last thing you said that don't sell players actively so how do you get rid of players in exceed in a role?
  12. Yes...i understand...so team report is completely rubbish?for example my staff suggests better depth in gk but i have 2 gk both on 3 stars
  13. Good good...about the previous question to this what do you think?
  14. You are not in very good conditions,only 2,5 and 2 stars players
  15. These infos are useful for me to understand how to build the structure at the beginning. Because the squad report given by my staff tells me where e what to buy but not where to sell so following the team report over the years i risk to have a team made up of 30+ players. Do you understand me?
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