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  1. For years; FM didn't solve "match fixture" problem. What is the wrong? The wrong is two match in a week. Example; Turkish 1. League fixture rule is one match in week. But in FM; there is two match in a week. Wednesday and sunday, thuesday and saturday. Is it too hard to solve this problem? Let's examine the picture above. Sunday, Osmanlıspor (League Match) Wedneday Fatih karagümrük ( League Match) Sunday Giresunsoor (League Match)
  2. What is this? There is no CL match in every week? This game is not developing. Firstly, FM must learn real fixtur.
  3. Hi everyone. I can't set to match preview before any match. But my asist manager can set it. Did you take this issue? -- There is no "match preview" ---- Match preview is ineligible. And in this week, there is no other match preview. ---- there is no match preview. And in this week, there is no other match preview.
  4. Hi fellow. I just meant to be similar architecture. Not real design. I think if SI designs similar stadiums, they dont have to pay a license.
  5. Hi guys. I have a proposal to FM designers. Please make that stadiums like real ones. At least; you can make similiar. Club has 10.000 audience capacity but it's stadium seems like 40.000 capacity in view. For example:, My club is Denizlispor FC from TURKEY:; audience capacity is 15.000. All sections of the stadium are single storey. But; in game; Denizlispor's stadium seems like old trafford I think; stadium details is very important. At least; i wish; one day FM will make staidums like real architecture. What do yuo think? Do you support me?
  6. Hi everyone. I' from TURKEY. I was born in Denizli city in south west of country. İt's in Aegean region. I never managed another team. every season; Denizlispor FC's transfer budget is 200K max. I choose loan players from rich clubs. But this is very hard. Because; club has low facility. I follow regen players in africa and south america. So i like to playing FM more realistic budgets, wage, Is there anyone play like me? Let's talk when we started to play FM 2019.
  7. I bought the game 5 mins ago. But I have some doubts that does my pc performance enough for the FM 2019? Because when I play fm 2018 with new pc, game performance were 3 stars. My pc has 16 GB RAM, INTEL i7-6700HQ 2,60 GHZ, GEFORCE GTX 950M 4GB LENOVO IDEAPD 700. I Can somebody answer my doubts?
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