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  1. FM19 is easier than the previous FM's but most importantly, gegenpress is waaay too overpowered. You can play youth players out of position and win superior teams with it like a boss. So until SI does something about that, I'd suggest steering away from gegenpress -style football. Try playing with low engagement line / defensive line and the game gets more satisfying. In the future FM's they hopefully find a more realistic balance between tactics and player ability. IRL you don't see Gibraltar beating Spain no matter how many Jurgen Klopp's they have on their bench telling the players to run like headless chickens for 90 mins.
  2. Isn't it in the game already? Tactical familiarity and maybe some sort of streamlined version of squad dynamics would be nice for the FMT20. Both things that would make the game a bit more realistic and challenging but are not time consuming. Wouldn't mind financial fair play either. Of course it wouldn't be valid for PSG and Man City.
  3. Click on a national team (say Brazil for example) and go to their Under 21 (or U18 or whatever) squad list and select the most interesting players, right click and select 'get scout report'. Wait for your scouts to do their jobs. It takes time to do it this way but this is how I've found some of the best signings I've ever made. Eastern european and south american nations are the best for bargain hunting. Of course you may scout the clubs with the best youth academies too.
  4. Segundo Volante can only be assigned to players playing DMCL and DMCR positions.
  5. I'm aware that some are having this issue on full fat version of the game and as far as I know it's only an UI issue but I'm reporting this anyhow. Issue being that at the start of the second season my assistant manager is reporting that the squad is on an end of season break eventhough I have already gone past the date of squad returning to training and actually also completed my pre season friendlies. Missing the individual training details as well as you can see from the second picture. And now I'm having the same problem on another save as well but this time the individual training tab works normally. EDIT. Okay on this other save I'm now getting training feedback normally. Team tab started working after the league season started.
  6. Aren't they like totally different games? It's like expecting Crash Bandicoot and FIFA being save game compatible.
  7. No point in rushing ME updates if they're not ready. Might just take you out of the frying pan into the fire.
  8. Oh the joy of managing through world wars.. and what possibilities for all those injury lovers.
  9. It's good to have goalkeeping errors in the match engine because they play a part in real life football as well but that first clip is a bit too much to handle. Second and third ones on the other hand are quite realistic imho but a bit clumsy presentation makes keeper look ridiculous.
  10. Shame. I guess I'll stick to my one tactic per season management style then.
  11. Can we finally have 3 tactics loaded up and easily switch between them or do we still have only 1 and have to load up another one if needed?
  12. Did you struggle to dominate at any point? Personally I just lose most of the interest even after 1-2 titles with a club (no matter who I start with) but I guess people are different.
  13. Buying FMT is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.
  14. That's nice. I don't need many changes, FMT is pretty much what I want as it is. Just give us full competition rules, like include squad registrations and FFP and so on. Rather take the rest of the interactions out but stop messing with the rules! Or am I the only who cares about this? Also an editor for the PC/mac version would be nice because such a vast database is bound to have typos in it every year and with SI never being in any hurry to correct those, we should at least have the chance to do it by ourselves. And yeah the new tactic module looks nice and interesting, well done SI.
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