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  1. YES THERE IS THE PATCH SI HAVE DONE IT AGAIN NEVER LOST MY HOPE. For pc that is. Sorry for yelling, love you all, see you when the next episode of where's my patch airs.
  2. SI put a lot of effort making full FM playable as quickly as possible. I dont think anyone can deny that. It's different story for FMT tho. I dont mean they dont put effort in but there's less resources to make it happen and this is understandable because it makes less money. (I assume) I think everyone can also live with how it is as long as patches are released fairly quickly. What they could improve a lot is communication about these things. It took a week for Miles to tweet something and thats basically all they've commented about this. And its the same story everytime. That
  3. At every dawn arrives new hope and it's the hope that kills you.
  4. According to Miles that appeared to me on a piece of toast, there wont ever be another patch for FMT. He also told us all to suck it.
  5. Sime Vrsaljko of Atletico Madrid has a transfer fee of 6.5M euros on history page for returning to them after last year's loan. Obviously a mistake.
  6. Well there you go, combine long shots issue with the fact that Kessie has been an absolute beast for a couple of years now. One of the many overrated players in an average AC Milan squad.
  7. There wasn't a new database released so you're fine to start.
  8. Now that the full PC version is sorted, how many days will it take for FMT to get a hotfix for this attribute bug?
  9. But his time at Atalanta is the only reason he's considered as good player as he is in the game. And I really can't see Dzeko as one of the best strikers in the world to take long shots but I guess we can't agree on everything. Won't lose my sleep over this. Overall I think that Roma research is pretty well done so you're doing a good job. Perhaps also consider giving Pastore something back in the January update if he keeps playing as he has lately? (who would have expected this to happen? )
  10. AS Roma: - Spinazzola should be natural on both wings. - G.Mancini should be at least competent as DM (really shining in that role this season during midfield injury crisis), maybe even accomplished - Cristante should only be competent as DM (really struggling in that role like he did last year) MC Natural, AMC accomplished, DM competent sounds right. He also seems a little overrated as he has struggled a lot to show that he is a player good enough for Roma's level. - Zaniolo should probably be natural as AMR as well as MC and AMC, time will tell where he finds himself play
  11. Kieran Trippier is a fringe player at Atletico Madrid. He probably should be a regular starter. 5th highest minutes for them in la liga this season so far. Probably also a little underrated, should have higher stats for set pieces?
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