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  1. Ah, that's unlucky.. Good to see you doing fairly well in Europe, even qualifying for the EL groups once!
  2. It's going alright, I manage Faetano! Domagnano have been dominating the most, with us a close second during the save. Won the league twice and the cup once. I'm in the 2024/25 season The longest I've gotten in Europe was the 4th Qual round of the Europa League, where I lost 9-4 on aggregate to Bosnian side Zrinjski Mostar.. Hoping to go Professional soon hahah There are already four professional teams in the league now, but the board have declined all my requests Looking back at recent history, Domagnano haven't really been "dominating", but they're up there with us, also having won the league twice
  3. Must be a bug then, if he's not getting updates about it being downgraded. I manage in San Marino too, and my Youth Recruitment is Established (15)
  4. Seeing Korsvoll winning the Norwegian top flight comes as an unbelievable surprise! Would never have guessed it in a million years. They're currently in the fourth tier in Norwegian football, heh.
  5. Bilbao seems very exciting! Looking forward to see how you get on here.
  6. Wow, Benfica is massive! Congrats on the new job!
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