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    I have been playing Football Manager/Championship Manager 98/99 and its safe to say, like many, this is NOT a game, its a way of life.
    My most favorite save has to be from FM 13, I took my local team Maidenhead all the way from the conference south to the Premiership in 9 season finishing 4th in my last year.

    I have 2 saves going on currently;
    KVV Coxyde; my 4th season in career mode, the 3 years before hand where with Dundela FC
    Furze Platt; ''Create a club'' again, but this time in the Conference South. Can all the money project us to the premiership? is it really that really that easy?

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    Wycombe & Arsenal supporter, Media Degree, Wrestling Fan


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    Wrestling, Playing FM, Pizza, TV Series

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    Arsenal & Wycombe

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    KVV Coxyde in career mode

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  1. New game. New season. New FM. 


  2. Personal I always want to load lots of playable leagues, I start unemployed, and want a good selection of jobs to go for. Since I got FM17 I can't load as many leagues. Ball-ake. But fixable. Starting unemployed I decided I wont be in the frame for any big jobs from big country's. So I only made the small country's playable and the rest of Europe, Viewable. I still start with a large database. Once I start doing well and getting more coaching badges, You can start swapping the playable and none playable leagues about. Anyone with any other ideas or tips?
  3. spot on! I did what they wanted in 4 games but still had to wait for the 5th and because of that, a whole new season.
  4. In charge of Coxyde FC in Belgium's 3rd Division Classic me, I get the 10 points in 5 games. Amazingly I win the next 4 so my job is same, problem is. with only 4 games left in the season and my contract running out (they also don't want to enter in to contract negotiations) surely I was going to get released? WRONG (I was shocked to) I was on a non contract, played the 1st game of next season, I won but it did't matter, got a vote of conference and new contract. Has anyone had this before? Screenshots below to help explain. Happy chatting
  5. 20170307162249_1.thumb.jpg.31ddf5b1a4a8b4dd0f28c97c6d4532fa.jpgslightly dated screen shot bit relevant to the save. Just had the winter break (much needed may I add) won a friendly & 1st game back in the league. Have we broke the draw voodoo? Ruddy hope so!

  6. I have been using this system on a couple of my saves and it works well with a 4-4-2. 

    Feel free to give it a shot




  7. Oh hello world. I finally feel at home on the internet. 


    p.s that look is referred to as "smug Brilliance"


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