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  1. Thnx a lot mate So u mean u have come across tactics which play great as underdogs and fail hugely when favorites?? And please is there any chance u sharing your testing system like u did in fm17 ?? Also the new tactic u uploaded.Does wingers cutting inside have a bad effect on its efficiency??
  2. Hey tff Can u plz answer some questions?? U once explained that second season syndrome.The thing with reputation and all. So i chose a tactic and started a save with hoffenheim in germany and i won title with default squad(predicted to finish 6th). And then next season i improved the squad and media prediction rose to 4rth so where should i haf finish. I played 5-6 games and just won one game and i felt tactic was falling apart and in frustration deleted the save. Does it happen that tactic underperforms (makes team finsh below than media prediction) if reputation increases too much. Is it normal?? I am totally confused atm.
  3. Thnx tff One last question. How wouls i know the job every position does? Does depend more on roles or player instructions? Because i see sometimes u set individual training diffrent from roles. I hope u dont mind me asking too many questions
  4. What i mean by that is i let my assistant to control the individual training. So how will that affect the players in the long term And suppose i am playing with other tactic of my own how would i know what individual training to put my players on??
  5. Hey tff ,foots for iwbs?? And plzz can give some insight on how much indivisual training is important?? I somehow cant turn those wonderkids into beasts like i usee to in previos fms
  6. I am just waiting foe changinging the ME in 19.2 cause its harder to get results with underdogs this season
  7. Hey tff,can u please tell me how do u freeze the tactical familiarity to test tactics???
  8. I know about that knap,i have been playing this game for few years i think i am doing better job than AM almost everytime getting green reactions
  9. But how will that affect the results my am is already doing everything apart from ois and team talks
  10. My assistant only handles training etc i do team talks and no ois are set i make that sure And yes i skip briefings
  11. Last (using volante anchor) and i am 15th currently I tried everton fulham and was lower than predicted finish And i have seen lot others achieveing hell lot with underdogs using volante anchor
  12. Its on full version @knap I have tried multiple saves with multiple tactics i just cant seem to get results maybe i am doing something or i feel like my game is broken🤯🤯🤯
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