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  1. Does anybody know if its possible to manage what PPMs the players in the Athletic Club B and C team should learn? In my save with Athletic Club it's not possible to manage the PPMs of the players in the B and C team because the option is greyed out. The only way I can learn the youth players PPMs is by having them tutored by a first-team player.
  2. Atheltic Club, hoping to produce some good youngsters through the academy and build a good team
  3. I recently started a new save with Olympique Marseille. The tactic I want to make is based on inviting pressure from the opposition and try to exploit the space they have left behind when we're winning the ball. I want my team to be quite narrow when defending and deny the opposition trough the middle of my defence. As far as I have understood the TI "width" is about how wide my team is when attacking, but how can I influence the width when defending to be as narrow as I want it?
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