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  1. I'm more worried I can't see him chewing tobacco in FM.
  2. I've played through half a season and tested different styles. It seems to me that most of the assists this year come from crosses, just like FM18. Whether it is central players drifting wide to put a ball in, an inside forward/winger cross, or a full back, every time. That and set pieces really seem to be working for me. I'd say 70-80% of assists so far come from crosses. I have seen screenshots from other players suggesting the same thing. I'd like to hear other players feedback before posting/moving to bugs.
  3. Let's be honest. Everyone coming onto this thread to complain about those commenting "when beta" are just as anxious and excited for it to come out. I love this time of year - you really see the kid within us all - and Miles keeping our toys from us.
  4. Has anyone noticed in nearly all the Let's Plays and streams that corners appear to be almost identical in nature to FM18? In 18, I had a massive issue with deliveries into the box, despite having takers who had high Corner and Crossing attributes. It seems as though most AI pick up or head the ball away at the near post, every single time, then it is recycled. This was a frustrating part of FM18 that I hope doesn't come back in 19.
  5. Javier Hernandez needs a downgrade IMO. He got 30+ goals a season for me for two straight seasons before his decline.
  6. I completely agree with both of you on this line of thinking. It is a balancing act at the end of the day: assessing reasonable player suggestions/opinions/criticisms vs the developers' aspirations and "said" goals. I actually think a vast proportion of the community (at least those who have played more than two years worth), were asking for a better tactics and training side to the game. I am so glad that the devs have listened and (so far) delivered on these. I think my main criticism of this year's version (despite me not playing it yet - I know), is that a lot of it looks very simila
  7. I completely agree, and hope that this is the case when the game comes out. I just hope the AI can use it to full effect as well and build squads/youth prospects around their style of football. This would create realistic scenarios where voids are left when managers, staff and long-term players leave a club or retire. The only thing that worries me is that there will be certain systems that naturally, are OP. Finding the balance with styles this year will potentially be a key issue for the team.
  8. You need to re-read what I wrote. I said "it look likes nothing has changed". I never said "nothing has changed". The team made no mention of any changes in this area, and it would not be a change that they would leave for people to figure out. Any changes like this in the past have been mentioned before release. Like I said, we will see if it did change. Feel free to accept my bet though.
  9. With all due respect, I never said that was the case. I said "it looks like". I made a calculated guess. They were playing in the transfer window for the save and I saw distinct similarities to FM18. No differences whatsoever. I will be happy to be proved wrong and I said in my original post that this was my thoughts of the alpha, not the beta or final game.
  10. On keeper ratings, it's pretty obvious nothing has been done. Very very rarely in FM 18 would I see a keeper get MOTM. It would only happen if they saved a penalty or two within the 90 minutes and everyone else had a poor game. Good to see free kicks go in. It will take some time to see if the ratio is abnormally high (or still low). Crosses leading to goals do look a tad on the high side. Transfers and AI squad building dont look like they have been worked upon. I will make a bet that fresh regens with no experience but a high scouted pa from a low rep club will still have 90m price
  11. I wrote my post whilst I was short on time. I agree with everyone that the ME and graphics engine are different. A new graphics engine IMO is the next 'big' thing that will need major attention. The match engine seems quite stable, although I have thought that set pieces in FM18 needed attention. Also, re the alpha to beta, it's obvious that the graphics and match engine are almost identical to last year and will not change before Friday. Watching the stream again, so many animations, player movements etc were identical. I only saw the new playing styles implemented within the match engin
  12. Just watched the Alpha play through on YouTube. Thanks to the team for sharing it with us, was great to see. Thought it would be good to put my thoughts/observations in a thread for people to comment on and critique. Brief summary of things I noticed: Positives The new tactics system is an easy "guide". The styles of football could be replicated in previous versions, if the right instructions were used. Having said that, I do like it more now. I did not see any of the transitions in play - maybe I will be proved wrong when I see more comprehensive highlights of the match engine
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