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  1. File has not saved where previous editions has saved. I have no folder called crash dumps this is what I have. I enclose screenshot of what I have copied across from my sons computer too.
  2. Unfortunately my graphics card is no longer updated. The 2018 version is the last update that is supported according to research via the net. I have looked where previous versions of the game were stored under C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive and there is no file there. My son is also playing the game - he has a file in that location - therefore I think this may be the problem. I have tried copying his file into a file in this location - but I have been unable to gain a crash dump file.
  3. I enclose my revised Dxdag but I have been unable to trace a crash dump anywhere in my FM19 file or on the computer as a whole. The FM19 file was not where I expected it, it being c:program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019 DxDiag June 19.txt
  4. Thanks Jimmy, tried that - It looks like GeForce driver 391.35 is the last supported version for the GT 730 so have updated to that driver. Still doesn't work
  5. Hi Cannot get the game to run - I get the following message: Football Manager 2019 19.3.4-1206437 (staging) Have tried uninstalling game, reinstalling steam, updating drivers and verifying integrity of file. Please help! I enclose my DxDiag Paul DxDiag.txt
  6. What is the view of having regens alongside legends coming through - I suppose it makes things easier to search for - but when you see the work done by people such as Fenech I doubt if all the killer players from the past would be easy to spot. Great way too of finding out about the players that didnt have the benefit of TV
  7. I wish that the makers of the game would use something like this to populate the regens as legends, so the cycle of football goes on. Any way that these packs could do that in the future?
  8. I have been happily playing my game until my daughter tried to install minecraft on the laptop. I will now try to load up FM17 and it will crash when it should move onto the main menu screen. I have tried reinstalling the game, updated the drivers but with no luck. The file says that the latest file is running 17.3.0f936783 (update) I enclose the crash dump file and the last game when it worked. Game does work on other computers Many thanks for any help FM 2017 v17.3.0.936783 (2017.03.04 15.30.32).dmp Man Utd v Stoke 0, 500_fm-3.pkm
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