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  1. Hey Knap, thank you for another year of great tactics! Regarding your tactics e.t.c i tend to know what ones to use or want but im stuck this year. What would you suggest for Hannover in the Bundesliga 2?
  2. Hey Knap, these new tactics look great! Is there a download link for them at all? You looking forward to the new fm? I cant wait for a new ME
  3. Id be interested to know what others feel about the 4-1-2-1-2 formation that leads the tactics board. Its so hit and miss for me. I cant seem to get a good run of results. Got a pretty stacked team with regens and ill win a few and then just get smashed by terrible teams. This year is probably the most frustrating FM for RNG and ridiculous results
  4. Knap, could i have the link to the discord please buddy? Will be greatly appreciated. Need to see what that Rober tactic is as FM is doing my head in
  5. @Danny648 Thanks for the reply bud, yeah i agree ive been dipping into the loan market. Im using the Beowulf with the TM striker at the moment and results seem to be improving. Think ill have to switch up for the championship
  6. What formation do you think would be best for Sunderland? In League 1 but most likely going up. The game this year is infuriating. None of Knaps tactics seem to breed great results there so inconsistent however i'm blaming the Match Engine for that. First time in 5 years Knaps tactics aren't dominating for me
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