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  1. thanks alot!! however the scouting section is still in white text for all teams, and i have no clue about how to put the correct code in the player personal details panel.xml file, would appreciate alot to get help with this
  2. Does anyone know how to change the color to be the correct team colors in the player profile? Or change the opacity of the box?
  3. is it possible to change the squad text on title bar when looking on squad screen and instead have your team name? you get yor team name when you press club info for example but not when you press squad
  4. cant thank you enough! problem solved!, as you suggested it was a font file missing from flutskin.
  5. if anyone know how to replace that dot on the scoreboard to a minus symbol instead im ready to play fm 20! its a tiny issue but still a little bit annoying...im using fmportugal.net skin but i added match title bar and scoreboard and some other stuff from flutskin...any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hello fellow football managers! Im looking for a new laptop and im basically one click away from buying this one https://www.webhallen.com/se/product/312364-Asus-G731GT-H7101T-17-3-FHD-IPS-120hz-i7-9750H-16GB-512GB-SSD-GTX-1650-Win-10 but since im not that good on computers i just wanted an opinion on how it will run for all leauges from England (vanarama and above) + 2 leagues from 5 nations + 1 league from 17 nations and players database with around 100 000k - 120 000k , other then that i can add that lap top will only be used for playing FM and watching sports, and i only play in commentar
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