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  1. Solved the lag problems, you managed to create a new problem :-) Everything was working well finally ... was there a need to do this bad recalibration? I hope for a further adjustment. Look the difference in color tone between the normal screen and the one in the match
  2. Unfortunately nothing has changed after performing the described procedure. I have to confirm that especially during the match the color tone is too dark compared to before.
  3. Having the Friday free due to illness, I am proceeding to remove the two, Nvidia and Intel, graphics cards from "device management" and then proceed to reinstall the drivers from scratch, in addition I proceeded to perform a complete elimination of FM (also acting on the regedit). Once all this is done, I will download the game and I will verify by making screenshots. The biggest problem is not so much the color of the coach's skin but the dark hue during the match played.
  4. After the update of the winter market the face of the coach on the entrance screen has turned black. Even during match games the color tone in general is dark.
  5. I just played: by playing steam the first match was with rain and the game was suffering from lag. In sum it depends. The only certainty for now is that using Geforce to launch the game there are no problems (also with rain).
  6. If I launch from steam the game after one or two matches in 3D becomes unplayable (particularly if it rains). All this does not happen by launching it from the "Geforce" platform with activity optimization. I haven't tried the new fix yet.
  7. Then launching the game from steam is unplayable, while launching the game directly from the "Geforce experience" the game suffers little lag.
  8. After the last patch FM 2020 is again unplayable. Especially during rainy matches 3D. With the previous version of the game and the use of the "GeForce Experience" application, everything seemed to work better. DxDiag.txt
  9. With the final release and the possible use of the "Geforce Experience" finally everything is perfect. Thanks.
  10. After the new patch the game got even worse; now FM is unplayable during the 3D matches. Despite having five stars and everything being set to "low", lagging is embarrassing. DxDiag.txt
  11. Terzo anno; stesso problema. Inconcepibile. Third year; same problem. Inconceivable DxDiag.txt
  12. 1: During the startup phase, a white square is left in the top left of the screen on a black background for about 1 minute. 2: Once the game is started and the game is loaded, charging from one day to the next (that of the calendar) is very slow. DxDiag.txt
  13. I've tried with the alt + F10 function that works in the games with Nvidia graphics cards. With alt + F9, Nvidia management always registers and in your recommended folder nothing is done. Even disabling Nvidia's screenshot service situation does not change.
  14. Thank you for the reply. What about the impossibility of making screenshots in play?
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