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  1. This is just a general question about sponsorship money and stadiums with some long winded background information, Sorry if I am in the wrong place and thanks in advance. I am currently in the year 2051 in Sweden in a file with two other humans. For the last 15 seasons only 2 champions leagues were won by computer teams. The Swedish teams had a relatively even share: Sollentuna x5, Karlslunds x5 and IFK Varamo x3. Because of the above, those 3 teams have had worldwide reputation for at least 10 years, Sweden is 2nd for league reputation and 2nd for UEFA coefficients. Those 3 teams as you’d expect are also the top 3 highest ranked coefficient teams. Due to league reputation rise the TV rights have increased from 3 million per year at the start of the file to 18 million per year now, the prize money has also had a similar rise. Those things were gratefully received and although we’d prefer a bit more the logic is understandable. It really is a golden era for Swedish football even lesser teams are getting smarter with their recruitment and as the value of their players has also gone up they are often selling players for 30+ million. The main problem we have on the file is our new stadiums were built before we started winning champions leagues and therefore they were always going to be restricted by maximum expansion potential, I have been stuck with a stadium capacity of 18,000 since 2033, the average attendance has been over 17,500 during this whole period, the impossible demand for tickets sees the season ticket holders rise each year, currently at 16,500 and the ticket prices are £44 (baffled they don’t put this up to £50 with only 1,500 tickets up for grabs each game). I have read somewhere it is built into the game that a new stadium has to be 25 years old before they will knock it down, but the game will break this rule if you have a stupidly small new stadium like 4,000, Is this true? Another noteworthy thing is at one point or another (basically when we first started winning champions league or it looked like we needed financial help) we’d receive HUGE sponsorship deals from energy drink providers valued between £60 million to £130 million. Just to mention there is no cheating going on in the file and I even played fast and loose with FFP hoping for hoping to encourage a sponsorship deal and failed financial fair play. In a country where your only source of money is champions league and selling players this was a massive blow at the time, I was back to back champions league winners at the time hence my arrogance of thinking I’d get the major sponsorship deal. I receive about 10 million per season from general sponsorship (kit, stadium etc) given our status of the 3 best teams in the world in the 2nd best country in the world isn’t this figure quite far away from what it should be in how the sponsorship would be treated for the top teams in the 2nd best or 3rd best league in the world, will this ever go up? And is there any logic behind when you get the crazy sponsorship deals? I can understand my stadium sponsorship been low as that was a long contract that was signed around winning the first CL 13 years ago maybe, so I’d expect that one to go up but we quite often have kit deals that are extremely low value.
  2. When is stadia free or subscription based and is online gaming still available?
  3. Do we need to purchase the founders edition to play FM in November or is it open to normal subscription from November?
  4. Why can’t the board action the request for expanding the stadium or improving facilities when you have the money in your account. (Taking the funds out of the account there and then and paying contractors) Eg In October there is 15 million in the bank account and the board agree to expand the stadium in the summer at a cost of 5 million, this is crucial for future revenue and is in everyone’s interest at the club. As we all know the money isn’t taken there and then In October it is taken at the end of the season and if you have 2 million in your account the board are going to say we have no funds and you’ll see those horrible words stadium plans shelved. The worst thing about this is no matter how quickly you can get these funds together you are gonna have to wait a year for the board to action this request again after the cancellation. I understand the reasons why this can be considered the player’s own fault but why would the board cancel something everyone can agree is guaranteed revenue, crucial for the future of the club yet on the other hand approve a purchase of a new player when there is no funds in the account. In such instance if you had the transfer budget available which is often the case when no funds are actually in the bank account you could purchase a new player that can put the club in the red of 60 million. A transfer like this for a club with only 2 options for revenue would effectively get the club kicked out of Europe due to FFP and bankrupt the club within a year of no action. The two situations seem a contradiction. If you are already in a situation where the expansion was crucial to garner extra revenue, particularly when trying to get a team from a poor nation to compete with the multi million pound teams in the champions league, a year is an enourmous amount of time. The only 2 revenues are selling off wonderkids that have outgrown the team (apart from the ones you persuade to stay year on year by some miracle) or champions league group stage money. Beyond that you may get to the odd quarter final but without having at least a 30,000 seater stadium it is going to be very hard to mount a bid to win it every year with an income 200 million below your European rivals.
  5. One of the things that is nicer later in the game is your loyal backroom staff following you to different clubs. Of course this is not possible at the start of the game and you are joining a club completely fresh with no allies. In reality this wouldn’t happen, a new manager would have at least 1 man by his side that he already had a professional relationship with (i.e Favourite personal). It may be far fetched but “re-gens” are such a big part of the game would it be beyond the realms of possibility to think a made up number 2 or even a scout or any staff could join you at your new club. Another option could be a factual ex-player looking for their first job. The interaction between the two of you could be quite nice at the start of a file which can sometimes be boring. The level of ability of this member of staff would also need to be modified for the standard of team you take control of but even having someone with you in a sinking ship or someone you could credit for your team’s good start would be a nice touch I think. Failing this idea I also think it would be nice if some staff would be willing to drop down to a much poorer team when you change jobs. I can understand why some would favour their own professional and financial gain but you’d think at least 1 would drop down a division with you even if you could convince them just to join you for a short time. Even more so when they become unemployed when you leave anyway.
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