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  1. In this save I will try and break the World Record for the longest FM save. The record currently stands at 170 in game seasons. I have completed my first seven seasons as Kosovo manager. I will post a big update after every World Cup.
  2. First Season Review: Board verdict: A decent season where I met almost all targets expected of me. My verdict: I am happy to have come fairly close to winning the league. Although I would have liked to have done better in the Scottish Cup. My best moment: Beating Celtic on the final day of the season to hand Aberdeen the title. My worst moment: Finding out my first signing can not play due to him needing a work permit. Aim for next season: For next season I would like to get to a cup final, improve my midfield and keep hold of my best players
  3. The aim of this save is to take charge of Rangers, in Scotland, and see if I can be a success. I will only sign Scottish players and foreign players who play at clubs based in Scotland. I am currently in the second half of the first season. Here are my results, league table and transfers to date.
  4. In this challenge I am aiming to start from tier 24 of the English football pyramid and aim to become England's manager.
  5. I think they can qualify for the Champions League if they win the Europa League. Sevilla did this last season in real life. If they can qualify through their league position I am not sure.
  6. In this game save I will try and win the Club World Cup with FC Vaduz (a club from Liechtenstein that plays in the Switzerland leagues) using only youth players. I will also try to win the International World Cup with Liechtenstein.
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