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  1. Is there a database edit out there to relocate the 2022 World Cup and make it have normal scheduling?
  2. Update: My B-Team has vanished from the league after the first season, going to it still tells me it's in the Liga Ledman but it has no matches scheduled and it's not in the league table. Anyone know why?
  3. Update: Thank you Bigpole, your insight made me able to figure it out. I'm now able to treat the B-Team as part of my club again. I'm gonna try out a couple seasons with this save and see if any issue pops up but until then for those who want to do the same thing: Go to the team you want to change, find the "Reserve Teams" Tab, under "Reserve Teams" add an entry for 'B Team' This will create a B Team tab in the main team, you now need to migrate the players from the affliate B Team to the main squad B Team, to do this: Go to the B Team tab > Staff and Players > Players > click on add > Add Condition > Club > insert the name of the Affliate B Team and change "Contains" to "Is", this will make all the players from your affliate B Team show up, click on the first player, scroll down to the last and shift click it, this will select all players, now just click 'Ok' . Now, on your B Team tab, fill in the details like the Division, Reputation and attendance, you can use the entries from your affliate B Team for this. After you're done, go onto your Affliate B Team and trigger the option "Extinct", this will finish any loose ends like staff or board and the club itself, making your main team B-Team that only B-Team left, if you selected the same division for this team as your now extinct affliate B-Team than your B-Team should take its place in the division. I still gotta test this and see if any issues pop up but right now it's a very good start, once again thank you Bigpole.
  4. Thank you so much, can you point me in the right direction to make it the same team?
  5. How do I make B Teams similar to how they were in previous versions of FM? In FM19 they act like their own teams, I can't control their training, they can't register players from my squad making the "Make Available for B team" option pointless, It's led to me completely ignoring my B Team in favour of my U-23 since if I send them to the B Team I risk them being mis-trained. I'm specifically talking about Benfica.
  6. Currently I can't choose how to train my B Team players, I can't register players for my B Team that are on my main squad making the "Make Available for B Team" option pointless, this has made me almost completely ignore the B Team and just use the U-23 instead however in previous FM's I was able to do this, is there any way to make B Teams closer to the main team like it used to? They're almost like their own teams now. I've been fiddling around with the edtior trying to search for a solution but I can't find anything.
  7. I've added Participation Money to the Portuguese League however after a few seasons I haven't ever gotten a notification that I received it, do I actually get it? Additionally, if I add Initial TV Money will teams still get the money from Individual TV Deals?
  8. My latest FMs have been FM12,15,18 and now 19, I quit 18 and went back to 15 due to being displeased with the match engine and how slow the game was. FM19 has fixed the match engine but definitly not the sluggish pace, in FM19 I get thru a season in 2 days (take in mind I try to get thru a season asap) , in FM15 with twice or triple the leagues I would get thru multiple seasons a day, I have tried to identify the issues to the best of my abilities and this is what I came to the conclusion: -Despite improvements Continue Game Timeout still continues to stop for no reason only to resume when you dont want it to. -Processing is slow, just very slow compared to previous versions -The games stops processing too often even with the Less Processing Breaks (?) option activated, I don't want the game to stop every day specially when the Continue Game Timeout will fail to resume it -Clicking thru the UI causes micro stutters -The matches run just fine however I have the Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian first division only loaded, English first and second division loaded. I have lowered the detail level as much as I can. I have 10gbs of RAM, my CPU is an AMD A-10 6900k, I run the game on an SSD. I know the dev cycle of FM19 is likely finished and dont expect it to improve during this version but please SI, prioritize the speed of future FMs. If anyone has any suggestions I would also appreciate it.
  9. Just finished reading this whole thread and loving it! Hope you manage to get the league soon.
  10. From my own observations I think this is an issue with how the attributes for newgens are distributed, I've found that even if I train a young newgen for years to be a Roaming Playmaker or a similarly offensive role, he'll still develop attributes like Tackling, Marking, Corners, Long Throws and I don't mean they'll have 7 or 8 points in those attributes, that's normal, I mean they'll end up with 12's and 13's all across the board which will take away from attributes more appropriate for the role I trained him in. This makes the game end up with unspecialized players for comparison when the game starts you'll have physical beasts, technical greats, specialized players. Newgen players end up with dilluted attributes, forwards with have 12 Tackling, Centrebacks will have 13 Corners etc... Someone is gonna give me an isolated example of a real life Striker who's great at tackling, please don't, my point isn't that Strikers should never develop tackling or defensive attributes but that the majority shouldn't, specially if I don't train them to. Personally I miss the old Training system that let me create training routines where I could just make sure my Forwards had no defensive training, I can't really recall if it stopped this from happening, but I'd love to see a tweaked and improved version of that.
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