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  1. @knap Just to make sure I got it right, you'd recommend the above 4-4-2's?
  2. @knap I wondered if you could give me a recommendation of which of your 4-4-2 tactics you'd use as designated home and away and if you'd make any changes specifially for the away version? If it helps in any way, I'm at recently relegated Spezia in Serie B who are predicted to finish mid-table. Like previous years, I appreciate your work.
  3. @afizzyuk Firstly, I just wanted to say that your tactics are stellar, well done. Regarding training, would you say it's best to either set out using the standard training, or would it be better to change training based on opponents position in the table (Bottom = Attacking, Top = Defensive, Similar to you = Technical)? Also, do you have any preferences on individual training? Regards.
  4. @knap has the tactic been updated or tweaked since you posted? When importing, it's coming up with instructions missing compared to above and some different roles.
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