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  1. juts changed this in player panel for numbers. i cant remove this "cm". any tips
  2. same here, fullscreen 1366x768 85%
  3. which panels should i delete to remove news and social media.
  4. In my game the animation is not working, the image stays static
  5. im trying to change the shadow on highlighted key attributes for player roles. tried this on settings.xml but didnt work <colour name="preferred attribute" red="125" green="168" blue="187" /> <colour name="required attribute" red="0" green="191" blue="255" />
  6. please, im trying to add some rows but with no sucess. someone please help me? <!--ambition--> <widget class="label" row="0" col="1" style="semi_bold" > <translation id="text" translation_id="293412" type="use" value="Ambition" /> </widget> <widget class="label" id="Pamb" row="0" column="2" alignment="left, centre y" style="semi_bold" > <record id="object_property" get_property="Pamb"/> </widget> <!--professional--> <widget class="label" row="1" col="0" style="semi_bold" > <translation id="text" translation_id="293415" type="use" value="Professionalism" /> </widget> <widget class="label" id="Ppro" row="1" column="1" alignment="centre" style="semi_bold" > <record id="object_property" get_property="Ppro"/> </widget> <!--important--> <widget class="label" row="2" col="0" style="semi_bold"> <translation id="text" translation_id="230008" type="use" value="Important Matches" /> </widget> <widget class="label" id="Pimp" row="2" column="1" alignment="centre" style="semi_bold"> <record id="object_property" get_property="Pimp"/> </widget>
  7. for me the players from North and South America do not work. Any tips
  8. trying to place PA and CA no attributes panel. any tips ? <!-- CA --> <widget class="label" row="0" column="0" column_span="2" > <record id="object_property" get_property="PCab" name="true"/> </widget> <widget class="editable_client_object_property_panel" id="Pcab" row="0" column="1" column_span="2"> <record id="widget_info" class="condition_label" alignment="right, centre_y" mode="1" ivih="false"/> <record id="widget_properties" alignment="right, centre_y"/> <record id="object_property" get_property="Pcab"/> </widget> <!-- PA --> <widget class="label" row="1" column="0" column_span="2" > <record id="object_property" get_property="PPab" name="true"/> </widget> <widget class="morale_label" id="PPAb" row="1" column="1" column_span="2" alignment="right, centre_y" icon_alignment="left" should_recolour="true"> <record id="object_property" get_property="PPab"/> </widget> </widget> thank you
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