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  1. ARGH, gutted! Just started a new season to check who a couple of my re-gens were in previous lives. Just gone to open up my normal game and I only have the manual save to load..... which was close season and I was in the January of the following season, so I've lost six months!! I normally use the auto-save!!! Could have been worse I suppose, I hadn't done a manual save for about four years before that one!!!! Any help would be appreciated, but I suppose it isn't the end of the world! (I can hear people sniggering and muttering schoolboy error under their breath whilst reading this!!)
  2. OK, how is the search actually conducted?..... I'm assuming this is a search on a new game so all the players are the originals at the start? I've created a new game and actually gone straight to Iniesta. He's 27 so assuming he went on for another ten years in my saved game would take it to roughly the time when I bought Martinez. Their stats are very similar to the point they have low(ish) heading and aggression although Iniesta has just 6 for strength even though my Martinez is 12. Iniesta's / (my) Martinez Crossing 15 / 14 Dribbling 20 / 19 Heading 9 / 8 Passing 20 / 20 Shooting 15 / 15 Tackling 18 / 18 Technique 20 / 19 Aggression 7 / 12 Creativity 19 / 19 Decisions 20 / 20 Leadership 11 / 16 Movement 20 / 20 Positioning 18 / 14 Teamwork 15 / 15 Pace 15 / 16 Stamina 14 / 15 Strength 6 / 12 Their playing positions are NOT identical Martinez has no left sidedness but both are advanced playmakers...... Martinez generated in 2020. Iniesta is 27, meaning he retired at 35 which I suppose is plausible. .... therefore would I be right in "assuming" that I have captured Iniesta's re-gen?? I think Martinez is possibly even better as his stats appear to be better at the age of 21 where Iniesta is 27 at the start of a new game!..... I'm well chuffed. £4.1m I paid for him!
  3. Thanks Peely. Saw your response on FMHVibe. Not sure if it is though, based on the fact he only plays CF. I'd like to find out more on how you find out who they were for an intrigue point of view. I'm sure there are instructions somewhere, just don't seem to be able to find them..... I have others I'd like to look up, particularly my adv playmaker who is only 21, has now already played 25 times for Spain and has developed a few 20s already. Paid £4.1m from Ascoli (Ascoli again) when he was 18 and had only played six games. Hopefully he's Iniesta's regen!!....... Dribbling 19 Passing 20 Shooting 15 Tackling 18 Techinique 19 Creativity 19 Decisions 20 Leadership 16 Movement 20 Teamwork 15 Pace 16 Stamina 15 Crossing, Positioning and Strength are fourteen. His heading is only 8.... what a rubbish player!
  4. I might just do that. I'm now interested to find out who my star striker was in a past life!..... didn't realise it was possible to find this out!! El Hadji Diouf he is not!
  5. Anybody found teams packed out with 18-21 year olds which ordinarily wouldn't have any players available for the game i.e. small database etc?? I've found Bari and Ascoli on my saved game with full squads available to look through and buy from, some of which are awesome players. All of the Serie A teams have minimal (if any) players available, but these two Serie B teams are full..... not that I'm complaining!!... ... Sergio Navarro of Paraguay, from Ascoli on a bosman. He's now 31 on my saved game and has just gone through 400 games having scored 308 goals!! I assume he was a regen as his career started in 2015.
  6. Wow, loads of responses since I've been away! Just going back to the Germany response, I wasn't saying I wanted to be Germany manager, just pointing out that Herr Lowe has only just left and that was due to retirement. He would have been the coach at the start of the game which adding to how long he's been in charge before the effective game start he'll have been the coach for over 20 odd years..... never seen that in international football!!! Guess it must be my game then..... dont seem to see many club managers getting the boot these days either...... ..... and I am currently on iOS until I have to start a fresh with my new Samsung next month.
  7. I'm back again! Just had Euro 28 and Engerrland got knocked out at the group stage. Steve Brolley McClaren is STILL in charge. I don't know when he got the job but he's had it since I can remember on this particular save. Can't remember how I set the initial game up, but I think I have a smaller database so other country's clubs have greyed out players, therefore I am unable to apply for other national jobs like the Germany job where Joachim Lowe has just retired..... making him their boss for about 25 years!!!!! Anybody else had this experience??
  8. OK thanks. My bad if it has been posted already, couldn't see it.
  9. ..... not sure if anybody else has noticed this, but every now and again when my advanced playmaker has another of his exceptional games, he ends up completing more passes than he makes..... on detailed view it looks like it gets to 130 passes then goes backwards. Is this just a limit or a bug?? My last match saw a 3-0 win at Upton Park and my playmaker made 108 passes, completing 114 (including two assits!). Work that one out! Doesn't cause any issues with the game, just curious that's all! I took a photo with my work phone to post, but for some reason I am unable to post attachments, presumably because I'm an amateur even though I signed up some five years ago, obviously only making 31 posts in that time hardly makes me a pro!
  10. My wife is taking on my iPhone. Doubt she'll agree to me taking it off her everyday for my journey to work! I figured there would be some sortof difference which would not allow the switch. I'll have to crack on for the next few weeks and get to the season limit so I HAVE to start again.
  11. Nostalgic

    Incidentally, talking of nostalgia, is there likely to be a retro version available for mobiles, like the old Domark CM93/94?!?!?!?!
  12. Nostalgic

    I agree, totally fixed by it. I have had a couple of the newer versions of FM on PC, but being of the older CM generation, and married with a child, I don't get the time to spend on the full version. Spending an hour or so a day on the train playing a cut down version like my favourite 00/01 version is brilliant!!
  13. waste of money

    4-1-3-2. Attacking and pressing. Normals CBs and FBs. DLM anchoring. LCM and RCM ar BTB CM is APM. One CF and one Poacher. Just won EPL, FA, LC Champs Lge Euro Super and World Club in same season..... all players "fit" with their roles in the positions option i.e. preferred and/or recommended role..... no point in buying a wing back to play in goal!
  14. Ha, just posted a new thread about this after hunting for ages.... this was right under my nose!! Please can you confirm as it doesn't actually state above - just mentions purchases, is it NOT possible to transfer the saved game from iOS to Android?? I'm OK with purchasing again, just don't want to have to fight my way up from Conference South to EPL and Champs Lge supremacy!
  15. In all seriousness, I tried the same (iOS) when I think I found a re-gen striker. Stamina was 6 ALL the time and he got tired every game. Scored quite a few, but got fed up with having to sub him every game or having to rest him. I realise youngsters need resting etc, but it didn't matter which training I gave him it didn't move. In fact strength training made it worse. I got £20m for him from Barca and bought somebody else..... but I have bought a couple of other younger players with great stats except stamina which I can't seem to increase!