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  1. Episode 18 released. Main post updated.
  2. Episode 16 has been released! I have updated the links up to this point. I recommend following me on Twitter as the best way to stay up-to-date!
  3. With the release of episode 13, and the beginning of a new season, I figured I would update the links here. If you are a fan of rival history, then episode 10 will be one of your favorites.
  4. Episode 9 is live! Link added to main post.
  5. With the release of episode 8, I have added the links to both episodes 7 and 8 to the main post! Enjoy!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Tyler, and I run a blog called FM Report. I am currently doing a series on Leeds United titled "Making Leeds Great Again", where I am trying to return Leeds United to the former glory they had before the turn of the century. I post a new update "episode" every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday morning. I also have a twitter that I use to promote the blog, as well as just hold general FM discussion. Here are convenient links to each episode for your perusal: Season 1 0. Introduction 1. The Beginning 2. Roadblocks 3. FA Cup Dreams 4. Good Form? 5. FA Cup Realities 6. At Season's End Season 2 7. The Prem 8. Bad Form 9. FA Cup Again 10. Cups and Rivals 11. Missed Chances 12. Relegation? Season 3 13. The Campaign 14. It's Working! 15. Defense Issues 16. Home and Away 17. The Duel 18. The Double?
  7. Here is my twitter account @FM_Report. I tweet out the updates to my blog series every Tuesday and Friday, as well as hold general FM conversation.