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  1. Is it one of the days the european transfer window closes (31/08 or 31/01)? Sometimes I fnd it goes really slow on these days if you have a quite a few leagues loaded
  2. Yeah you are right it definitely used too It must be a bug as no reason to remove it!
  3. Yeah that's what it was! Just changed the resolution and looks like yours now - cheers pal.
  4. So you never did fix it for 19? It seems to work once you get into the top 20 of whichever region your looking at.
  5. Cheers. I see the languages but not the country knowledge. Should that be there too?
  6. Is there a screen on this years version that shows you what your knowledge of countries and what languages you can speak. I know it doesn't make a great difference but I like to see it and cannot find it anywhere!
  7. Has anyone else noticed a high proportion of jobs in the conference N/S and national league are going newgens on their saves? I am unemployed and often do not get an interview then they hire a 29/30 year old new gen instead. It is annoying because I cannot get these job myself but more annoying is that soon half the league will be newgen managers. My save is only at Nov 20 so there should be loads of eal life people with experience that it would be more realistic for these clubs to hire instead I have attached just a few examples Newgens.docx
  8. I am not what it is you need. Is this more useful?
  9. Hi Reinstalling the graphics driver did work. Is the attached what you need? dxdiag.exe
  10. not sure if this helps but I’m currently managing hougang Utd. Took over mid season had and 3 foreign players but at the start of the next season I had to remove one.
  11. Hi, does anyone have any idea how I fix this annoying purple haze I keep getting on clickable objects? i have tried changing the skin and resolution but nothing works. Example below:
  12. Hi, I have a problem with the hall of fame. I have just won a domestic cup and have seven points. when I highlight my row on the hall of fame, I just get the details of the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
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