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  1. Is there a way to edit in a annual cup between 3 teams from from national and a winner from another nation ? I want to have a cup every year between Man Utd, Man City, Salford and the winner from the La Liga Failing this is it possible to have a friendly cup with these 3 teams pluc FC United ? Cant seem to be able to edit this in my self
  2. Just got this message a week after the cup was over. Not sure why it said i was ineligible on the rules page. But there we go its solved
  3. No im still in championship not in the premier league. This is a test game where i have money to see how a few db edits go years into the future.
  4. I won the euro cup as salford but didn't qualify to the champions league. Anyone know why i am Ineligible to qualify for champions league through euro cup ?
  5. Yes they took that away as it was hampering development on better graphics
  6. In filters there in one that says Filter Unrealistic targets .... make sure that is checked
  7. You have the bare minimum in every spec. You will need to upgrade nearly everything. Ram first, Then video card and then your CPU
  8. Correct man In full updates you will find the transfer market very different as data updates change this. Behind the scenes changes do have an effect. It will happen again when they do winter updates and so on.
  9. You need to check if they already had a pro contract before the game started. Some players will have a pro contract already before you took over as manager. You can find this in the contract offer drop down in the squad screen. For example i just took over man utd and 2 players already had a pro contract ready to be signed.
  10. Up to you - If there is someone close to him i wouldnt. If he is doing the free kicks you are opneing your self up for a quick counter attack with your goal open. I would suggest not to put him.
  11. No full game is 18.1.1 . Restart your steam to receive the update
  12. Are you waiting for it to upload ? once you save your cloud save you need to leave your laptop connected to the internet and steam for a while. ( Mine use to take 10-15 minutes to upload after i quit fm)
  13. what do you mean by youth contracts being signed. New players coming in ? Trial Player joining ? or is it Just your Youth Players signing Professional Agreements ?
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