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  1. If you wish, I think I can send you my BELARC by private message, it's not so confidential after all. I only would like it to not be referenced on Google.
  2. Both steam and FM weren't on the exclusions list (TrendMicro office scan). I've added them now and tried launching the game, same issue. But I had a look at the log file of the anti-virus and it does not report anything as virus/malware or suspicious connection. Xavier
  3. I just realized that there is some confidential info in this document. Can I make sure the thread/document is deleted once we've found a solution? Xavier
  4. Hello All, The title says it all, I am unable to use FM17 as my PC is unable to launch the game. I did my homework. I have looked through several forums and tried several solutions but nothing works. As I have managed to get it to work only once, the same day I installed it. Then nothing. I am imagining this comes from my PC configuration. It should be noted that this is work PC, and although I have admin rights, it may be also fluctuating with the configuration? I don't know. So far, I have: - Checked all drivers (graphics, PhysX, direct x, etc) are up to date and try launching - Set up NVIDIA graphics card as the main for this game and steam (and for the whole system), and try launching - Reinstall older version of drivers and try launching, - Uninstall and reinstall whole steam and FM, and try launching, - Even though about installing a patch from internet, but I figured this was risky. none of the above worked. Has someone got another suggestion? Thank you for your help Xavier DxDiag.txt
  5. Hello everyone, I have two video cards as well with the same issue but none of the suggestions work.. Here is my dx diag, does anyone have a clue? DxDiag.txt
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