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  1. Is there any chanche to fix it???
  2. It crashes at 28 of may in-game....
  3. Excuse me... It is epsth 2.fm!!!!
  4. The name of the save is epsth.fm
  5. This time problem is 17.2.1f928619... Help me buddies.... I will upload my save on FTP again....
  6. FFFFFFF!!!!!!! Hello again!!!! The fix you sent me works for 5 in-game days and then the problem appears again..... Please HELP!!!
  7. I uploaded my save on FTP.... The name of the save is epsth.fm . The game crashes every time on 24 of May after the game...
  8. Hello my friend, I am really desperate here ... Please HELP!!! My save opens properly but when i go to an exact time /day the game close and the message 17.2.1f919512 has stopped working appears every time.... At first i deleted cache ,preferences the same happened... Then i deleted any graphics skins from the game the same happened again.... Fully desperate i unistalled all the game and installed it again... The same again every time i go to the exact day... Any chance to help me.... Thanks in advance!