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  1. yep i thought it was patched out but nope still present and its really bloody annoying just lost a months worth of training
  2. so im doing england under 21's and no players have national reports under the national pool tab only issue is some players actually do so far ive tried changing skin reloading skin and clearing cache to no avail
  3. so kyle walker peters got injured and i loaned out aurier so i saw meunier was on the loan list and thought **** it why not well psg keep increasing their demands and dont accept any other i give
  4. Im playing fm and i go to click on my dev centre now at first im thinking this is a skin issue tried fm dark still nothing tried restarting the game nothing tried clearing cache and still nothing EDIT: i am also unable to access staff responsibilities dd2b68bb9ecb970e39c59461facc1c28.mp4
  5. So started playing on FM 16 i saved my morecambe save then turn pc off apparently there is "restore previous versions" on right click but i dont see that as i run windows 8 any help you be VERY useful indeed
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