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  1. Usually all I will do is change a duty or two down a notch. For example, atm I am playing a wonky 5-2-2-1 WB with an attacking libero. So depending on where the opposition threat is coming from I might drop my libero to support or one of the midfield 2 to defend or one or both of the wingbacks to support (not all at the same time). I generally wouldn't change mentality or anything else.
  2. I have to admit that if you could get this to work then it would be awesome but I am pretty certain that the movement that you want from the centre backs is currently completely impossible. The rest of it should be possible with the right roles and duties though so you could still have a lot of fun with it.
  3. Sounds like a bug if the 3D isn't matching the description, I would post it in the bugs forum.
  4. I like the idea and it looks like you are having success. One thought though is that without a wide left player in front of him in either ML or AML, doesn't your IWB-a revert to a standard wingback-a?
  5. Hi Russell, Quick heads up, I have uploaded a second save game this time with the perfect example of the problem. Hit continue once and you will get a training summary. At the bottom it tells me that my versatile DM won't get past competent at CM and it also tells me that my left wingback who is a natural at LWB won't get past accomplished which as he is natural is clearly false. Hope this helps. WhyMe
  6. Hi Ed, I uploaded a save game called fixture clash and to answer your question no I don't think I did get an option to recall or prevent players from going on international duty. I suspect it was a result of the different fixture scheduling caused by the 2022 world cup in Qatar.
  7. Hi Russell, I have had a position training update and I have uploaded a save called position training as you requested. However, it is not the best example the coach only mentions two players one of which has barely played in his new position (AMC). The central defender (Almeida) is a better example and has been retraining in his new position since I signed him with the specific purpose of retraining him to play in central defence as a libero. He is only 19 years old and so really shouldn't have his position set in stone yet. Last season he played 12 times (11 starts) in the league all in central defence and twice in the cup (1 start). He also played 32 times for the under 19's and the manager was told to always play him in central defence (I did check a few times and he always was so I assume that it was the case). This season he has a further 10 starts for the first team and a further 16 appearances in central defence (10 starts) in non competitive action (some first team friendlies and some under 19 games). He is not the best example in the save of the issue with position retraining but he is the one my coaches reported most recently so I have uploaded the save just in case. I will keep watching out for it and the next time I get the message for the highly versatile DM retraining to CM but can only get to competent I will upload that as well. Hope this helps, WhyMe
  8. Hi Hugo, The disallowed goal in the Hamburg game was in the 76th minute and there were two in the Jahn game, the first in the 52nd minute and the second in the 61st minute. All three should have stood, two of them very clearly. Hope this helps, WhyMe
  9. Hi Russell, Unfortunately not at the moment. However, my coaches do tell me periodically so next time it happens I will upload one and let you know. WhyMe
  10. In my Germany save I have a weird fixture clash with international duty for under 21 teams. This is particularly problematic for me as half my first team squad are not available to me for a crunch game against Bayer 04 including both my first and second choice keepers (I have a young team). The match is on the 5th of October 2022. I can provide the save game if you need it.
  11. Hi, I have always been a fan of young player development and in particular finding a player with great attributes for a specific position that is different to his generated position, e.g. Thierry Henry becoming a striker from a winger or Hector Bellerin becoming a fullback from a winger. In FM terms these players started out natural in one position but were converted to become naturals in their new position. So much so in fact that they are no longer natural in their original position having played the vast majority of their professional careers in the new position. However, the degree to which we can do this in FM 19 seems to be very limited and I suspect there may be a bug with it. I have attempted to retrain several players to new positions albeit only slight adjustments to their original. For example, I have attempted to convert a natural DMC into an MC, something my coaches tell me should be very possible yet now they are telling me he can't progress past competent despite also still telling me that he can be successfully converted in a central midfielder. This is not a radical switch (DM to CM) and particularly as he is a versatile player should be actually quite easy. Other examples of this are a natural left back converting to a left wing back who can't progress past accomplished. Similarly a natural left back converting to right wing back (either footed but very strong right foot), two DMC's converting to DC and a central striker converting to an AMC. None of these players have been able to progress past accomplished despite playing virtually their entire first team career in their new position or in the case of the attempted AMC convert their entire youth career since they entered my youth team. It should also be noted that all of these players (except one of the wingbacks) started with at least some ability in their new position. Interestingly I occasionally also get a message that another left wingback in my team can't progress past accomplish at left wingback. However, he is actually already natural in that position. It is this more than anything that convinces me that there is something squiffy going on with retraining positions. I can provide the save game if you need it.
  12. I've had a few of those as well. Player clearly not interfering with play but the goal is disallowed anyway. These were prior to the full release version however so I don't know if this has been improved since final release. Dynamo Dresden v Hamburger SV.pkm Jahn Regensburg v Dynamo Dresden.pkm
  13. One or two other players have progressed in their position training but the aforementioned DMC hasn't changed at all. As a side note my coaches even tell me that he "could be successfully retrained as a central midfielder".
  14. I have never received a message before saying I can't train a players position past competent in a position before? If that is the case why is my versatile DMC not training at MC?
  15. Generally really enjoying the game, the tactical settings are far more intuitive than previous versions and training is a vast improvement generally. The only thing I don't like is the new restrictions on retraining a players position. I get this for older players to an extent but if I have an 18 year old player who is a natural DMC and my coaches tell me he is versatile then surely I should be able to train him to at least accomplished if not natural at MC, it is not like it is a massive change. However, I am told he won't improve past competent no matter how much I play him at MC (I have played him at MC for a season and a half and never played him at DMC). Young players change positions a lot in their early development and often this switch is permanent. For example, Bellerin at Arsenal switched from winger to right back and in the FM database he is now considered a natural at right back. This should be possible for us as well but I have a natural striker who I got through the academy at 15 and I tried to change him into an AMC and unfortunately he can only reach accomplished. I just don't feel this is realistic for young players and very much limits developing young players if their attributes don't suit their original position.
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