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  1. Personally, I wouldn't want a left footed player to play right wing back unless you are wanting to play an inverted wingback. However of the two I would agree with Park that Maouassa is the better bet.
  2. Can you not play on mixed but give short passing PIs to all the players except the ones you want to be on mixed? I know its a lot of PIs to setup but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  3. I completely agree that the assistant advice is usually rubbish but since you are generally struggling in the league a more defensive formation might be a sensible option. I do however completely disagree that playing a 3 at the back system requires fabulous defensive players to make it work as long as you compensate for the flank weakness with your selection of players and roles/duties in your 3 CBs and midfield. For example, I play a 3-3-2-2 DM WB formation and both my wing backs are not particularly strong defensively. This is particularly true of the left wing back who only has 8 for tackling and marking and a whole 11 for positioning (he is a converted winger). He plays as a complete wingback attack and his primary job in the team is offensive. I counter this weakness by giving by playing a pressing defensive game, except for the wing backs themselves who are told to close down less. This means that the wing backs keep their shape while the players to the side of them move over to help them out when needed. Higher up the pitch this will be the CM on their side and further back this will be the CB on their side. The side CBs are also on stopped duty and I try to make sure they have plenty of pace, anticipation and positioning so they can get over quick to help out when needed. In other words 3 at the back is not necessarily extremely weak on the flanks, it all depends on how the rest of your system fits together. Obviously, no system is perfect and you will still concede goals from wide areas but it can be mitigated and overall highly successful.
  4. How easy to retrain someone to natural is down to a hidden stat 'versatility'. If they have a high rating in that stat then it is a lot quicker and if it is very low it can take a very long time and may never happen. The coach report can tell you if a player is particularly versatile or not I think but I am not sure. Alternatively, if it is a real player you could have a look in the editor if you are curious as to why it is not working.
  5. Are your full backs closing down the opposition full backs allowing the opposing winger to run in behind them? This is a problem I've had on occasion in narrow formations and If so you could try setting both full backs to close down less (or much less) so they keep shape better and also set the Carilleros to close down more or much more so they provide additional defensive cover out wide. It doesn't always work but I have found that it helps so it might be worth a try.
  6. I had a similar experience with a Belgian central midfielder I had signed except the drop was even more pronounced. I can't remember what the exact descriptions were now but effectively he dropped from early to mid teens in professionalism to about 3-5 after signing a new contract. This got him kicked out of his social group and now all his team mates can't relate to him. I am lucky that this didn't happen until after he had almost maxed out his potential (he developed early) but it was such a shame because he is a cracking player and my current first choice in his position. It is realistic as it does happen in football that young players after earning their first big contract start to slack off etc. but it is a shame that there is no way you can rebuild them since like your player he is too good a player to be tutored.
  7. I've had the same problem, weirdly also at RBL. However, I have a much younger squad than you and some of the older players determination (which is the attribute that is visibly dropping) isn't quite as good as yours but nonetheless it is decent (13/14) and the overall average is over 15 (though this does include young first team players), yet I am getting players dropping down in determination including one first team but young striker (20 years old) who dropped from 15 to 14 which really struck me as odd. I don't know if this is a bug or not but it certainly needs a tweak like the OP suggests.
  8. Hi Herne, That is a really useful list but I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. Does the established member of the first team squad kick in from starts only or are substitute appearances counted? Is it worked out in total minutes i.e. the equivalent of 75*90 or just appearances? For example, if I had a player who I would bring on for the last 20 minutes of matches to get him some match experience and say I did this 20 times in season along with 5 starts, does this count as 25 appearances towards the total or does it count as 850 minutes out of the 6,750 total (the equivalent of 75 sets of 90 minutes). Logically it should be the latter but which is it?
  9. Personally I would just give him the dribble less PI and leave it at that, but you could train the dribble less PPM as well so he does it even less often. Coupled with a high decisions attribute and good passing and poor dribbling, this will lead the player to pass the ball far more often than either attempting to dribble or knock the ball past his opponent, especially if you make sure he has a high allowed passing range to increase his options (i.e. don't limit him to short passing only). I think this would get what you want out of him most effectively. As a side note I would also consider playing him in a deeper role say either a DLP-d/s perhaps in the DM position and allow him more direct passes to allow him to dictate play ala Pirlo. I play with a DLP-s in the DM position in a 3-3-2-2 DM WB formation and does almost exactly what you describe you want. Plenty of key passes and ball recycling in possession and very rarely dribbles, doesn't get huge amounts of assists as his pass is usually the one before the final ball but he does chip in with a fair few, this sounds like the sort of thing you want.
  10. I would be wary of giving that trait to a central player because it relies on there being space available for him to knock the ball into and then run past his opponent without there being another opponent on the cover. This is pretty unlikely in the centre of midfield which is why this trait is usually found on wide players who take the ball down the wing (i.e. full/wing backs and wingers). You can train him to do it but I would not be at all surprised if it caused him to lose the ball pretty often.
  11. I'm generally enjoying the current match engine and FM18 in particular since the new patch. I haven't tried the three striker systems which from reports seem OTT at the moment so that probably helps. I am currently playing an adaptable 3-3-2-2 WB DM system which I can make possession or more direct depending on team instructions and the opposition, which is something I am really enjoying. The only minor bug bear I have is that when my wing backs contribute in attack which mine are set up to do so and say they have a good game and either get a good number of assists or key passes/chances created I can't praise them for doing so after the game which is quite annoying because that is usually their main contribution. Not a huge issue I know but it does seem silly when I can't praise my wing back for his 8 key passes and 1 chance created like in the last game I played.
  12. I would argue that he isn't getting enough support to play on attack. Both your wingers are on support so they will mainly stay wide and so often leave him isolated in the middle. Your CM-a helps but he is the only player getting forward and trying to get into the box and he is doing it from a fairly deep position so it will take time for him to catch up with play on the transition from defence to attack. I would suggest a support role for the striker but then who will your wingers cross to? You might need to consider giving one of the wingers an attack duty or making the one on the same side as the CM-s an inside forward to give more crossing options. My guess is that at the moment you have a very low cross completion % and a lack of targets will be why.
  13. Your fullbacks are too defensive to provide you with enough with so you won't be able to stretch teams, making you predictable.
  14. Quick update to how it is going. I switched to the 4-1-4-1 that Summat suggested. Unfortunately, the carrillo and IWB-a got in each others way so it didn't really work. However, I switched the Car on the right to a DLP-s and it did greatly improve. Basically what would happen is the 2 central midfielders and the IWB would happily line up as a 3 in midfield and attempt to control the midfield position. The IWB-a would sometimes break forward into the box into scoring positions which was good, although it doesn't really happen often enough. The problem with the formation is that with the central striker coming deep and the left winger the only player getting forward from the midfield is that there simply wasn't enough of a goal threat. This was epitomised by the fact that when the winger crossed the ball he would never find a team mate, in one game I had 18 crosses with 0% completion from the winger. I have attempted to solve this by moving the left winger into the AML position and setting him to be a RMD in order to provide a consistent additional goal threat. This did make it better but the system was still very inconsistent. It is particularly poor against 4-2-3-1 deep or indeed most formations with 2 DM's. Anyway I am currently going with: GK-d DL - WB-s CD-d *2 DR - IWB-a DMC - BWM-d MR - W-s MCR - DLP-s MCL - AP-s AML - RMD-a STC - DLF-s I have considered going full 4-3-3/4-5-1 by moving the MR up to AMR but I am not sure. I am also not convinced that at least some of the problems don't stem from poor quality players, in particular not having a players with get further forward and get into opposition area to play at DR. However, I rather suspect that while this would help it is not the true cause of the problem. Instead it may simply be that what I am trying to do simply isn't a good plan and it doesn't work. If anyone has any suggestions then I would be happy to give it a try and hopefully be proved wrong. Otherwise I will give it a bit longer but if not I'll have to concede that it doesn't work.
  15. Ajsr has it bang on that is basically what I was trying to do. Although, I was expecting the IWB to get a bit further forward than the Car and the AM-s to drop deeper sometimes, indeed the IWB-a should, and to be fair occasionally does, get beyond an AM-s. However, I do agree that the problem might be an overly congested central area. Unfortunately, I have also tried making the ST at CF-s and the AM and SS or AM-a to provide the dual threat upfront and changing the ML to W-a to provide forward thrust and width instead. I have also tried WM-s and an attacking wing back behind him for variety that way. However, none of it seems to work and I am at a loss. I haven't tried the particular combination in a 4-1-4-1 that Summat suggests though, so I will give that a whirl and report back. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.