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  1. I had a lot of joy playing a similar system and I used a wide playmaker support on one flank (but with a regular wing back behind him) and a wide midfielder support on the other (with PI to take more risks with passing). Both wide players played quite a few through balls for the SS and AM-a I had in the two AM positions. Without a doubt the most important attribute I found for the 2 AMs was acceleration and pace. For the ML and MR both sides also benefit from speed, but most importantly they need passing, vision decisions and dribbling. I am not a fan of tactics where the flanks are mi
  2. Interesting question, I haven't ever tried to tutor (or mentor as it is now) within the youth system before. However, the thing that springs to mind is can you make him your under 18s (or 19s) captain? If so that is probably the easiest way of making him a team leader for the youth side. Sadly getting him to team leader/highly influential in the senior team when he is ready for the step up is much harder as, again unless you make him captain it probably won't happen for a long time and longer serving older players with worse personalities will likely always be ahead of him unless again you
  3. Other people might have different ideas and It isn't a trait I would want in a player personally, but someone who is playing as an AP-s or Enganche would seem sensible. Someone you don't want to make runs in behind but instead want them to receive the ball in tight areas and then create something. Another option would be a creative DLF who is strong but not particularly tall or fast.
  4. set his training to CD and go to the development squad for the U18s or U23 (whichever he is in) and then select him in the CD position. That should means he plays there but you can also manually select him there when you get the do you want to make any first team players available for this match news item. However, you may have to wait until he is at least the first circle (orange or something) from position training before they will actually play him there (that used to happen on FM20 sometimes but it might not in 21). However, it is just a matter of a little patience as as long as his ver
  5. Unless they have changed it IWB-s automatically function as normal wing back if you play someone in the DM position on their side so the movement you are looking for isn't possible with a 4-2-3-1 deep, you would need to move your DMs to the CM line for it to work.
  6. Thank you. I've experimented a bit with an Enganche in your original system and I quite liked it as a link up man between defensive midfield and attack. Sadly you can't use one in a split block defensive system as you can't use the close down more PI with one which is why I ended up with AP-s. I do know what you mean about them sometimes dropping a bit too deep though overall I think it helps provide more passing options in the build up so upsides and down I guess. I think the comes deep to get ball PPM might be overkill here so that might be why but can't really complain too much as I am
  7. Really interesting, I am only playing the FM demo atm while I try out tactics that I plan to use on the full game. I've always been fond of a strikerless tactic so I had a guess at your instructions and gave it a go, I wasn't far off. I kept the LOE at standard to increase vertical compactness because of the gap between DMC and AMC and I was on positive rather than attacking but otherwise pretty much the same. I gave it a try in a few matches and it was pretty successful. However, I am not a fan of symmetrical tactics as I always feel they lack a little variety in attack and can get a
  8. Really interesting ideas, I'd love to see the full tactic with instructions and any PIs. I'm guessing you are playing with a relatively high press and maybe a possession orientated style?
  9. If the CM-a is working for you offensively the only way you can cover the space behind him is to play a IWB-d at full back. If your players are good enough this can work (or at least it did in FM20) but it is still risky. Something to try might be focus play down left building up play there and then unleashing your attacking trio on the right. Might not work but could be fun trying :-)
  10. Have you tried Lukaku DLF-a? Seems to be that a SS AF combo wouldn't be great but the SS-DLF-a might work rather well.
  11. If you mean attributes like determination, professionalism and ambition then the likelihood of them changing through mentoring and team member influence goes down considerably as the player ages, in general once a player hits 24 he is unlikely to change much, though it can happen. Moreover, the more experienced and influential a player becomes, partly through age, playing time, importance to the club, ability, time at the club (see club dynamics hierarchy) the more likely he is to start influencing his younger teammates instead. For example, having a team leader with a 10 determination is so
  12. You can only pick one if they are in the DMCR or DMCL slots, not central DMC
  13. It looks a really interesting system and you seem to be getting it to work, couple of comments though. Unless it has changed for FM21 hold position and get further forward PIs are WITH the ball instructions, i.e. they don't effect the players positioning on defence. Similarly, the Mez movement into the half space is a with the ball instruction and as such probably doesn't change their defensive movement. The only instructions I can think of that might be worth considering is the defensive width setting and I think, though people with better knowledge can correct me if I am wrong, that indiv
  14. How is he doing on key passes and match ratings? It may be he is your pre-assist king. Have you also tried adding PIs such as dribble more to get him to take his man on as an AP more to get him into better positions to deliver the final pass? Alternatively, roaming, or stay wider/narrow may give him more space/better positioning to deliver the key ball.
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