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  1. @Experienced Defender thank you again for the advice. Congratulations on your promotion to moderator btw mate, very well deserved! You are always polite and helpful even when the tactic is a disaster!
  2. Thank you for the ideas mate. I think you might be right about the WBIB instruction, I probably don't really need it and it might be what is preventing my winger from making that risky cross/pass. I am a bit reluctant to drop my winger to support in plan A as he is currently my second top goal scorer (7 goals in 10 games (+4 sub), but it is a good option if plan A isn't working. Speaking of plan B, if I drop my winger to support in plan B and flip my AP to an attack duty as in my original post, would it still be your suggestion to make my striker a DLF-a in a counter attacking system or would you stick to a PF-a as in my original idea. Instructions wise I was leaning in the direction of the following for plan B (balanced): Possession: Pass into space higher tempo In transition: Throw it long, Distribute to left back (probably need to change this as it just got my left back marked on goal kicks lol), Counter and distribute quickly Out of possession: Lower line of engagement and get stuck in (added more urgent pressing in the second game as I was a bit too passive and had gone a goal down to a free kick) I tested these in a couple of games with the formation and roles/duties in my original post for plan B. Other than the distribution issue is there anything that leaps out at you as needing adding/removing? It is a bit trickier to tell if this sort of tactic is working with the current match engine as it is primarily trying to free the central striker for a good chance on goal, easy to do at the moment, but chances are he will miss it :-). I won both my test games, the first after missing a hat full of glorious chances with a late free kick (1-0) and the second 3-1 with a goal each for my front 3 and my CM-a missed a sitter! Therefore, it can't be too daft, which makes a nice change for my tactics (unless I just got lucky). However, possession numbers were VERY low (35%), not hugely unexpected for counter type system, but the risk is I have gone too far? Again I appreciate your thoughts.
  3. When I play my forward as one of the PF or TQ options it generally works ok. The switch of play doesn't happen as often as I would like but I figure that will improve once I have an AP with the PPM likes to switch ball to the other flank (though to be fair sometimes the CAR does it instead). When it does happen the winger is usually isolated one on one with his fullback or if really lucky the ball is played between the fullback and Centre back. However, the CM-a lacks pace so isn't always up with play as the winger has blistering pace, so that might be having a fairly significant effect. The striker when played with one of my usual roles is usually either up with the winger or arriving just behind the winger but close enough. Nonetheless, both of your scenarios can happen a bit too often, as while not slow, the striker is a still 4 or 5 points slower than the winger and is occasionally alone in the box due to the slow CM. Despite this the most common cause of the attack failing is the winger taking a shot from a ridiculous angle rather than attempting the cross/pass to either the forward or the CM. Perhaps the key is getting a CM with more pace for the role so there is more support in the box. Beyond that is there anything tactical you can suggest that might help to encourage the switch?
  4. Duh sorry forgot, positive mentality for plan A. Plan B is speculative at this point, never tried it so hadn't really decided, could stay positive but could also shift to balanced.
  5. Hi I am trying to get a short passing (but not possession obsessed) 4-3-3 wide going. What I am trying to achieve is to build up the play through a wide AP at AML and switch the play to my overloaded right flank or if that isn't on play in the attacking left back. Anyway on the roles etc.. PF-s AP-s W-a CAR-s CM-a DM-d FB-a CD-d BPD-d IWB-s SK-s Variations I also use: I have occasionally switched the DM to anchor man and the right full back to a defend duty when protecting a lead. I am really not sure the best role for my striker and I have utilised him as PF-a and TQ occasionally. I have also tried both DLF-s/a, however, I found this didn't really work, perhaps he got in the AP's way or was just too deep so the winger didn't have as many options when he was freed. Occasionally tried the CM-a as Mez-a when facing 2DM opposition Almost forgot, I have also switch the CAR to a standard CM-s with stay wider and hold position occasionally Instructions: Possession: Shorter passing, Play out of defence, WBIB, Focus play down the left (as per the plan) In transition: Take short Kicks, Distribute the CBs, Counter-Press (I turn this off against strong opposition if I don't feel it is working) Out of possession: Higher defensive line, Higher LOE, More urgent pressing, prevent short distribution Player instructions: AP-s - sit narrower, roam, more direct passes (to allow him to complete the switch of play) I have tried roaming and moving into channels on the CM-a but not often enough to know how much effect it has Defensively I have been rock solid and going forward isn't terrible but could be better so I would appreciate it if anyone can give some advice on how to better execute my plan (one thing I do know is that I need to train my AP to have likes to switch to other flank). Lastly, I would be interested in some suggestions for an alternative way to attack when the above plan A isn't working, which bears in mind the type of players I have, in other words ideal for plan a. For example, I was thinking I might try something like this (perhaps set up with more counter attacking instructions): PF-a AP-a W-s CAR-s CM-a DM-d WB-s CD-d BPD-d IWB-s SK-s I welcome advice for either plan A or B
  6. Put them on endurance individual training. It worked for me for me, I got a youngster with 8 work rate up to 12 in a relatively short space of time, granted he was also training as a wide midfielder (which also trains work rate) but it should still help.
  7. On a similar note, has anyone used one on support duty?
  8. I would expect the reason for your full backs not engaging earlier is because you have the instruction regroup on. Try it without this or maybe even with counter press and see if you notice a difference.
  9. Not true mate, works fine for me in my 4 at the back system that uses inverted wing backs in the fullback strata.
  10. Whilst I see your point, that is an extreme case of party boy professionalism, not quite the same as a captain having 13 determination (which isn't terrible) dragging every single young player down to his level.
  11. Hi, In this version of FM it seems to be incredibly important to have a captain with high determination as the three team leaders seem to have a massive impact on losses to determination in younger squad players, it may even be more important long term than leadership. However, my question is, I have got a right winger who has become a team leader at my club largely because he is one of the best players and has been with us a while albeit initially on loan for a year. However, his determination score is pretty poor and it is having an impact on my youngers so is there anything I can do short of selling him to stop him being a team leader? I have other players at the club with better determination but they are either not quite as good a player or haven't been at the club as long or are younger, which seems to be the problem. Any ideas or do I have to sell him? I do think it is ridiculous that I have to sell one of my best players because of the dynamics system having such a massive impact from one player. I have had to do this before when my 30 goal a season striker became a team leader but had 8 determination.
  12. Usually all I will do is change a duty or two down a notch. For example, atm I am playing a wonky 5-2-2-1 WB with an attacking libero. So depending on where the opposition threat is coming from I might drop my libero to support or one of the midfield 2 to defend or one or both of the wingbacks to support (not all at the same time). I generally wouldn't change mentality or anything else.
  13. I have to admit that if you could get this to work then it would be awesome but I am pretty certain that the movement that you want from the centre backs is currently completely impossible. The rest of it should be possible with the right roles and duties though so you could still have a lot of fun with it.
  14. Sounds like a bug if the 3D isn't matching the description, I would post it in the bugs forum.
  15. I like the idea and it looks like you are having success. One thought though is that without a wide left player in front of him in either ML or AML, doesn't your IWB-a revert to a standard wingback-a?
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