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  1. Sorry I thought you were still using the strategy from the post above with the AM, LB, RW and STR on attack.
  2. Have you tried changing Kane's role to CF-s? I find that attack duty strikers tend to do poorly against highly defensive deep sitting sides as they have no space to attack and don't drop deep to get involved in play, thus creating space for others to attack.
  3. Your formation is quite conservative already so do you really need a defend role for your DLP? With a support role he will still have the hold position PI on so he won't get ahead of the ball but he will provide a much greater threat going forward. Equally, I would switch your attacking wing back to be on the same side as your support striker, They can link up very effectively if you do this by the striker dropping deep and then playing the wing back into the space he just vacated for a cross. You might need to experiment with roaming or moving into channels instructions for said support striker to facilitate this but try it first to see if it works without it. Other than that nothing else jumps out as obvious for the roles so the only other changes you could make would be to the team instructions to change the style of play, perhaps adding a bit of width or a more patient approach but it depends how you want your team to play.
  4. You can tell an inside forward to stay wider with a PI, that can help keep the width but still gives him the instruction to cut inside with the ball which you can't give a winger. If I remember correctly this is what Pep Guardiola used at Barca with Henry when he was playing wide left. He told him to stay wide until the attack was in the final phase and then he could do what he wants. This pretty much replicates that.
  5. Also players don't respond well to a manager they don't think is qualified to tell them what to do.
  6. Just as a side note I think you may have slightly miss-interpreted what Cleon said in his possession thread. At the start of the thread he lists 9 instructions that can be used to create a possession based system but he also states that to use all of them would be overkill. Unless I've missed it he doesn't say you have to use "retain possession" just that it is one of the ones you can use. In his example he does select it along with 4 or 5 of the other 8. However, he does not include work ball and shorter passing in his system as it would lead to possession for possessions sake such as your wingers and/or fullbacks retaining possession instead of crossing. Likely due to the fact that at the moment you use all the instructions listed except highly structured team shape. My system uses a very different formation to yours and does not include wingers only attacking wingbacks in a 3 at the back system. However, I also based my system on Cleon's possession thread and I lead the league in crosses completed and I'm 3rd in cross completion percentage. I am also top of the league for possession by over 3.5% and in pass completion also by about 3% so what you are after is likely possible you just need to tone down the 'overkill'. In case you were wondering the possession instructions from Cleon's thread I use are roam from positions, dribble less, shorter passing and work ball. However, I play standard/structured so on control you would obviously need to add lower tempo I would expect.
  7. If you do remove retain possession you will probably need to replace it with shorter passing or your possession numbers will very likely go down go down. Shorter passing, like retain possession also shortens passing length but it does not reduce risky passes so it can offer more penetration in exchange for a little less possession (but not usually too much less). This might be what you need.
  8. I haven't played 4-1-2-2-1 in this version of FM at all so I can't be sure but there are several things that leap out at me. Lukaku has no support at all and is on an attack duty so he going to get massively isolated so its not wonder he is doing poorly Your inside forward and AP-a are going to be moving into much the same space and have a good chance of getting in each others way You are playing a very high line, are your defenders fast enough to cope? Your telling your players to retain possession and run at defence, two fairly contradictory instructions (Read Cleon's Art of Possession thread) You are playing on control which is a mentality that has a fairly high line, width and tempo already, yet you are increasing them yet further, are your players good enough to cope? Add to that higher tempo and retain possession are fairly contradictory. Like I said before I haven't used your formation in ages so I am not 100% sure how I'd fix the identified issues but a few things you can try are: If you want to play a possession game read Cleon's Art of Possession thread for the team instructions to use. If on the other hand you want to pay a high tempo attacking game read Cleon's Art of Attacking football thread for the team instructions to use in that Give Lukaku a support role ideally CF-s or DF-s to get him closer to his team mates Give your IF an attack duty so Lukaku has some support and the wing back behind him a support duty so you don't get butchered defensively That might get the IF further forward out of the AP-a's way but if it doesn't swap the central midfielders sides I hope this helps but if not I'm sure someone with more knowledge of the formation you are using will be able to provide better info. Edit: I just noticed all the pictures in Cleon's Art of Possession and Attacking are now broken (though you can still get the instructions in the possession thread), hopefully there is still enough there for you to get the gist on the attacking one.
  9. As Cougar2010 suggested it is impossible to completely stop conceding goals from crosses however it is possible to get it so it is not a disproportionate problem. For example in my 3-2-2-1-2 wing back system of the last 12 goals I have conceded 3 have come from crosses a perfectly reasonable proportion. Granted my system does not concede a lot of goals generally and I have led the league for fewest goals conceded every season, even just after promotion. So it is a fairly defensive system, however, it is the proportion that matters in any system. For example if you are conceding 80% of your total goals from crosses then you clearly have a problem with crosses but if it is only about 30% say then your probably doing ok. I don't know what the exact number should be and 30% is a guess but you get the idea. Anyway on to the defending, I play a very high pressure game in the centre with the team on much more closing down but only on a standard mentality and a normal defensive line so it is not a truly high block. I play my most physically capable centre back in the middle of the back three with the key aspects being very good jumping and pace for the division I am in (I've used this tactic in league 2 up to premier league). This physicality ensures he both has the pace to deal with runners and the height to deal with cross and is an essential part of my defensive plan. The second key player for the system is to get a goalkeeper who is good at coming for crosses, in other words one with a high command of area and good aerial reach. Finally, since I am playing a wing back system I can get out numbered on the flanks. In order to combat this I both pay attention to the opposition formation and then watch the game to see if it is happening. If my wing back due to the high press keeps leaving the opposition winger to close down the opposition fullback and then giving the opposition an easy way to get behind him then I will add a player instruction to my wing backs to tell them to close down less or even much less so they keep shape and wait for one of the central players on the high press to close down to help them out either from midfield or one of the outside central defenders who are stoppers. Obviously this isn't perfect and I do concede some goals from crosses but it is a low proportion of my conceded goals and I don't concede a lot of total goals so I don't believe it to be a problem. I'm also sure it is not the only way of doing it but it is one way. If you have any questions please ask and while I am certainly no expert I will try to help if I can.
  10. Have to disagree there, I play a 3 at the back system with only wing backs out wide which should be weak against crosses and but I have no major problems with wide play. It is all about your set up.
  11. I'd also get rid of your play narrower instruction. With your narrow formation and exploit the middle instructions your players will already be on top of each other, the instruction is just overkill. You're also trying to play a possession game with a target man, that's somewhat contradictory, I would suggesting changing the left strikers role to either DLF-s or CF-s or DF-s/d. Whichever role you choose make sure they have hold up the ball instruction turned on. With Gestede's limitations I would probably go for DF on either support or defend. Since your also playing a high press but with only two players on the flanks I would also give your fullbacks close down less instructions so they keep shape more than the other team and wait for the side central midfielders to help them out when they get overloaded rather than diving in and getting beaten by a winger/full back combo. An alternative to the poachers suggestion that you switch your RCM to a CM-s or BtB would be to change him to a roaming playmaker. However, if you do this I would suggest giving him extra defensive PI's to make him play more like a BWM in defense if you find yourself vulnerable down your right flank, but with a fullback support you hopefully won't too often. Finally, your also playing a defensive centre back which are instructed to play more direct but have a team instruction to play out of defense. Is your defense actually capable of that if you are playing a defensive centre back?
  12. I play a very similar system to yours. However, I have players specifically to fit it so it may not work for you. However, just in case it helps you I'll describe it and how it works as it might help you improve your system to achieve what you want. Firstly, I play standard structured as my default mentality and shape. Standard because it gives me a the greatest flexibility to change in game as I can go up or down the risk ladder depending on in game situations. Shape is structured for a similar reason though also because when I designed the tactic I was playing in league 2 in England and I wanted my players to stick to the tactic. However, if I feel my players are getting too big a gap between them then I will go up the ladder, often doing so when trying to break teams down as well. I play a high pressure possession system where the team instructions fall into three camps: High press instructions of close down much more, tighter marking and offside trap possession instructions of shorter passing, dribble less and work ball into box optional instructions that are turned off and on as appropriate are be more expressive (now I have better players), pass into space and roam from positions Of the optional instructions I tend to use them most of the time these days as my Aston Villa side is now one of the best in the world but they are not essential to the style. The roles are set up for possession so there is only two attack duties and it is the same formation as yours Standard GK Stopper-Cover-Stopper at centre back and although I play them as central defender roles they are all fairly comfortable on the ball. LCWB-a and RCWB-s no instructions though I will add close down less to both wing backs when facing a team which attacks mainly on the flanks using both wingers and attacking fullbacks DLP-d and BBM - the DLP controls the ball from deep recycling possession if the team gets into trouble and is also able to break up opposition attacks. He doesn't get assists but is a vital part of the way the team plays. The BBM has moves into channels to encourage passing option creation AM-s the player with the most instructions is set up to function as a playmaker without the ball magnet function of an actual playmaker he has: more risky passes, roam from position and get further forward. This allows him to be creative and always be available for a pass in buildup by moving away from an opposition DM. The get further forward means he will occasionally break into the box past the strikers often using a one-two to score. My current player in the position has 11 goals and 10 assists in 27 games In the position. STL - CF-s and STR AF-a no additional instructions on either. You need a creative forward for the CF-s role and a standard AF for the AF role. The long and short of it is that all players need at least decent passing for the level you are playing at though the centre backs and wing backs don't need to be that high though obviously more is better. Hopefully this will help you think through your system. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything I'm happy to help.
  13. It can be useful in certain circumstances for creating space but it also moves him out wide so potentially he may not be available for a different type of attacking opportunity. Depends what you want from him really. In my system I don't have it on I prefer to rely on the roam from position to create space but I have used it sometimes so it can work. Like I say it depends what you want from him.
  14. Regards to the striker, I have had a lot of success with a CF-s alongside an AF-a but there are other combinations that would work. I find the roam from position the CF-s gives me some nice movement to create space for his strike partner and or the ability to play some nice one two's. However, I have used other combinations and there are plenty that work it just depends how you want to play. For example, if the opposition are playing a highline two attack duties and some direct passing might work wonders but you will only know if you test it. Regards the attack duty on the wing back he might occasionally be caught out of position but the CM-d is in position to cover that and I have found that the risk is more than worth it in the added attack production. I would play him on the same side as the support striker if you decide to play one
  15. Hi Keano16, I'm afraid I haven't used a 5-3-2 on FM16 only on 17 but hopefully this general advice will help you. Firstly, though give your system a try in matches and see if it works. However, if it doesn't the thing I would watch out for are: both strikers are on attack and are very similar roles. There is a chance that this may isolate them from the rest of the team and with a lack of movement from both roles may not create enough space, particularly against teams that park the bus the AP-s in the AMC spot has the hold position PI hard coded. This means he will not get forward as much to support the forwards and will be vulnerable to being marked out the game by any opposition player at DMC with the CM-d on the left side of the midfield 2 you can probably afford to have the left sided wing back on attack and this may give you more of a threat down that side