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  1. I had an Arsenal save in mind for my last FM21 long term save and just a laugh I thought I'd give this a go with Arsenal. They don't really have the players well suited for it, but I figured I'd shoe horn what they had into the tactic for now and then look to build a more suitable squad for it over time. I was staggered by how well it went. I have two versions of the tactic and on the main one I went with the RPM and IWB-s version in the end with a IW-a/W-a on the right flank to provide an additional goal threat. The alternative version is a DM 4-2-3-1 with a FB-s instead of IWB-s, but otherwise basically the same except for a split low block instead of a high press in the main tactic. On to performances, I am only in March so not a complete season yet but, Auba has 32 goals in 26 starts (3 sub) playing as a TQ up top. Reiss Nelson has 16 goals and 9 assists playing as a IW-a (and W-a occasionally) in 23 starts (3 sub), Smith Rowe has 10 assists and 3 goals as the AP-s on the left in 23 starts (12 sub) and Odegaard has 15 assists and 4 goals playing as shadow striker (though this is inflated by the fact he takes set pieces, so perhaps the most disappointing). The only average rating below 7 in the starting 11 is Dani Ceballos playing as the RPM, but he isn't terribly well suited to the role and he has been sharing duties with Granit Xhaka who has a 7.13, so still not too bad. However, the guy playing as the TQ in the second string for Europa league/easier league games/easy cup games is Lacazette and he has not performed well, particularly when compared to Auba. He has still managed an average rating of 6.98 with 6 goals and 5 assists from 16 starts (5 sub). Still it has been a fun experiment and I will carry on the save with the tactics, I am interested to see how good it is when the players actually suit the tactic.
  2. Actually I was speculating about trying something with a playmaker in 3 different tiers, something like: TQ AP-s AM-A ?? CM-d DLP-s WB-a CD-d CD-d WB-s Not sure what I would play on the right side, torn between IF-s and W-a Could also swap out the WB-s for something a bit more conservative/an IWB-s/d and make the DLP-s an RPM for giggles. Similarly AM-a could be an SS. The idea being the TQ works as a hybrid scorer/creator which moves around a lot to create space for the AM who is the primary goal scorer, with whatever I pick at RW another goal scorer. I almost never play 4-2-3-1 but I figure this could be fun, probably wouldn't work mind.
  3. What is actually happening against those opponents? Are you struggling defensively, struggling to create chances, struggling to put away chances? Are the games fairly even with decent numbers of shots for both teams or is it one sided for them? Do you generally create good chances, score ok, but keep getting done on the counter? If I was going to guess looking purely at the tactics I'd be guessing you are getting done on the counter/have a soft centre. In both tactics you are pairing a DLP-s with another support CM, this will work fine against weaker opponents but with no true defensive screen (a DLP support can do an ok job depending on attributes, but still not a true holding player). This will leave you vulnerable to the counter and getting dominated by a quality player in the #10 position. You could try switching the DLP to defend, but in your tactics your attacking fullback is on the other side so I would suggest that you put the left sided CM on defend (could swap the DLP to that side and put him on defend). Currently having your attacking fullback on the same side as a CM-s/BBM is asking for defensive trouble, both with a soft centre AND a vulnerable left flank. In addition to this, your defensive instructions in both tactics are extremely aggressive and in the case of the first one where your LOE is HIGHER than your DL you are making your soft centre even worse as you have no DM and are stretching the line between you defenders and midfield even more leaving a massive gap between your CMs and CBs for the opposition to exploit. I would definitely drop your LOE to at least higher and in some cases standard to compress the space instead of leaving it vulnerable. Situationally, you might also want to drop you pressing urgency if you notice your players are running around like headless chickens and the technically high quality opposition are just pinging it around them.
  4. My concern with your original tactic was the lack of threat you carry if Auba has a bad game or is shutdown by the opposition. Basically with the exception of the RMD you have no one attacking the box as a PF-s won't do that enough. However, you do need someone up front to create space for Auba so maybe a TQ could work perfectly? I haven't tried it but in theory at least he would roam about both laterally and vertically which would drag the defence all over the place and then Auba could dart into those spaces to score. He would also carry a bit more of a goal threat as he is on attack duty and a TQ is meant to be a hybrid creator/scorer (at least when compared to the F9 and AP-a in the AMC slot). It might not work but the concept sounds like it could be a lot of fun. You would probably still need to change up your central midfield roles to ensure one of them gets forward a little more but it might not be so bad, a BBM or CM-s with get further forward could be worth a pop but its just an idea.
  5. I've actually been running a similar setup (though mirrored) at Valencia with a fair bit of success. I am looking to build up on the left and free up goal scorers down the right. The system I am using is: CF-a AP-s W-a BWM-s CM-A CWB-a HB-d IWB-s CD-d CD-d SK-s The BWM has the PI hold position so he doesn't get too far forward to provide better cover to the CWB-a and so he doesn't get in the way of the AP-s he is told to come narrow and roam, a) to free up space for the CWB to attack and b) to get into the middle of the pitch to work a through ball to the attack duty players. I am not playing possession football specifically though I do end up with high possession numbers most of the time (POOD and mixed passing with a high line and urgent pressing most of the time). However, it is similar enough to your idea that I know it can work (not tried the RMD-d support striker option really though). For what you are trying to do I'd say the main things I've learnt from the above system is if you play an IWB in a 4-3-3 wide then the right sided CM must be on a different duty (mid on support and IWB on defend, mid on defend IWB on attack, mid on attack IWB on defend all work for example). Defensively, we have been rock solid (though I do adjust the system for the opposition (mainly changes to DL and LOE, but occasionally formation (switching to 3 atb for example and putting the BWM on defend) We have scored plenty of goals too and to give you an idea of player performance once you get the right player all the positions can be lethal (CF almost a goal a game, AP 15 goals 14 assists in 30 starts and 11 subs and the W-a 13 goals and 6 assists in 31 starts (was scoring at double that rate last season but has dropped off this (poor personality). Anyway hope this helps or at least gives you some food for thought.
  6. That is what I meant by playing possession football (i.e. short passes)
  7. In general an AF doesn't work well in the formation you are using when playing possession football as he tends to get isolated from the midfield, doesn't contribute to the build up and doesn't get much in the way of chances. If your player is good enough then I'd suggest trying a CF-a role or DLF-a as these roles will attack the box and put pressure on the defence but will also contribute to the build up and not get quite so far away from the midfield. Alternatively, you could switch to a support striker or a Treq if you have the player.
  8. I haven't play a narrow 3 at the back system this edition, but one thing I did find in last years edition when I played it a lot was that playing the attacking wingback on the same side as the support striker was more effective as they linked up much more effectively in the final third. So in your system I'd swap the strikers round to gain this linkup (not a problem that the AF is on the same side as the Vol (or support CM in your original system) as that will mean he is slightly closer to him in general and thus more likely to be able to feed him with a pass.
  9. However, if you register them for the B team during a registration window then they can play for both the first team and B team throughout the season (you will have to make sure you re-register them during the winter window as well). You can also register them for the first team as well during the registration window if they throw a tantrum for not being registered for the first team. Obviously as you will need to put a team out in both the A and B fixtures you can't just register your whole first team with the B team and you should reserve doing this mostly for young fringe players who will play a bit for the first team but would benefit from the extra game time (plus your 2nd choice keeper). The downside is that you can't realistically use your B to get injured first teamers back to match fitness unless you have registered them in this way (which is unrealistic for the whole first team).
  10. Are you perhaps thinking of the fluid counter attack strategy (as it is called in the FM preset? i.e. short passing but high tempo with an emphasis on forward passing?
  11. I'm not going to tell you what system you should use as I don't know your intended style/what players you have. However, here is a few things to think about and you can try one or all of them out as you will :-). The thing that really jumps out to me is the lack of any support for your striker in the box, you have no one making attacking runs, particularly from central areas (the BBM will do a bit but he is a support role for a reason). Obviously this is helped by using your get further forward instructions, which you can also add to the BBM. Basically you need to ask yourself who is going to score the goals, who is going to set them up and who is going to provide the cover/recycle option. Your flanks are one dimensional and the roles you have picked could potentially get in each others way i.e. both are told to get high and wide and get crosses in. However, who are they crossing to? You only have the AF in the box consistently. I would suggest that you add an attack duty at CM (either CM-a or Mez-a depending on the player and what you pick out wide on their flank). If you want to keep a winger on support on one flank then change the other to an attack duty and consider if you need to swap his role (winger attack can score a lot of goals in the right system with the right players so you might not need to, but worth considering). You will also need to consider the full-back role behind the attacking wide man, either the CM on that side or the fullback needs to be a bit more conservative to ensure someone is providing defensive cover on that flank. Same is true on the other flank, there needs to be some balance between wide man, full back and CM, though as you have a DM-d you can take some risk. Ball playing defenders are intended to play risky sometimes long passes, you have play out of defence on, suggesting you want your CB to play short, consider do you need BPDs at all and both is likely overkill at least. Last but not least, the AF-a is one of the most attacking striker roles there is and in your formation he can end up isolated, even with better support. If you see this happening , but still want someone who will attack the box a lot, you can swap his role to CF-a (if you have the player), PF-a or at a push DLF-a (though he will play on the shoulder less than the other two). Obviously, a support striker is also an option but is completely different to your current role. Hope this helps.
  12. The things that jump out at me which won't be helping you score are firstly the narrow width, which particularly against defensive teams that sit deep will make it harder to create good chances. Secondly your allocation of duties is less than optimal with all three attackers on attack which means all three look to rush the box, but none of them are trying to create space, no deep runners which will be making a beeline for the box (the Mez-S is the closest, but still not ideal) and 4 players on defend duty and one a defensive support role (i.e. the Car) which if you are one of the better sides is probably overkill. You look like you are trying to play a direct attacking style, which is fine, but if the initial rush doesn't work I don't see how your setup will create the space and who will deliver the killer pass for either the assist or set up a chance for a dangerous cross. If you have the players I would suggest switching the left winger to a creative role on support (iW-s or AP-s) and the left full back to an attacking role. I'd also consider swapping the Mez-s to a CM-a and the striker to a CF-A who will still attack the box but will get a bit more involved in the build up which will be handy as you don't have an AM. Having both the right CM and winger on attack is risky, but they will rarely get in each others way because of the winger role and are covered defensively by the WB-D (you can also use FB-s, IWB-s and D here depending on opposition and if you have the player). This way you will have 3 players looking to score (the CF, W and CM-A), and 3 players players looking to create chances, LW, LFB and the Car (to a lesser extent), potentially joined by the right full-back occasionally. Add to this the roaming, holding up the ball and involvement in build up from the CF-a will create more space and that the CM-a and W-a will get some assists as well as goals and you have much more variety in your attack and plenty of options. You can use focus play on the left situationally if you want to build up that side and then unleash your attacking right side but this probably isn't necessary all the time (particularly if you use AP-s at LW). Hope this helps and good luck :-)
  13. If you want your regista pinging 60 yard balls ahead of runners then you need to take play out of defence off and give him more direct passes so he can make his own mind up on when he does and does not play a longer ball. Keep everyone else on shorter passing and suddenly you have a regista who has the freedom to do what you want without other players losing possession around him. You will need to set your keepers distribution instructions to CB/FB if you do this (or playmaker but that is more of a gamble possession wise). The CBs/FBs should then pass to your Reg most of the time as he is your playmaker Agree with what others said about needing a holding midfielder and if you use the system suggested by NotSoSpecial one I'd add the PI to do CM-d to stay wider, this provides better cover to the flank for the FB-a and gives the reg a little more space to operate while providing a short passing option for ball re-cycling when needed (the IWB-s proves the same on the other side. Right flank wise your IWB-s should provide sufficient defensive cover as long as he is good defensively though you may need to drop him to IWB-d in some games. An alternative set up to that flank is a CM-a and W-a which is great for creating overloads in the box on that side (if you have the players for the roles), the only problem with this is with a non-defensive DM you might get into trouble defensively with this at which point the IWB-d might be a winner. Defensively your LOE and DL are likely causing you trouble in a lot of games, setting your LOE a notch higher than your DL means potential problems with vertical compactness (a favourite of ED) so I would suggest keeping both either the same (i.e. both on higher) or having DL one notch higher than LOE (higher DL, normal LOE). You might need to change that depending on your opponent and against vastly inferior opposition that are camping sometimes a standard DL and higher LOE can work but it is very situational. Either way good luck with it, Messi as a reg later in his career sounds like a good giggle!
  14. I had a lot of joy playing a similar system and I used a wide playmaker support on one flank (but with a regular wing back behind him) and a wide midfielder support on the other (with PI to take more risks with passing). Both wide players played quite a few through balls for the SS and AM-a I had in the two AM positions. Without a doubt the most important attribute I found for the 2 AMs was acceleration and pace. For the ML and MR both sides also benefit from speed, but most importantly they need passing, vision decisions and dribbling. I am not a fan of tactics where the flanks are mirrors of each other as it lacks variety in attack, but it is certainly not the only way and mirrored tactics can work. Also one or two role changes are usually my first port of call when things aren't working. Either way hope this helps.
  15. Interesting question, I haven't ever tried to tutor (or mentor as it is now) within the youth system before. However, the thing that springs to mind is can you make him your under 18s (or 19s) captain? If so that is probably the easiest way of making him a team leader for the youth side. Sadly getting him to team leader/highly influential in the senior team when he is ready for the step up is much harder as, again unless you make him captain it probably won't happen for a long time and longer serving older players with worse personalities will likely always be ahead of him unless again you make him captain or to a lesser extent vice captain. Unless there is a trick someone knows that I don't of course. I have no idea what causes a player to be more or less influential other than reputation/ability relative to the rest of the squad and length of service. For example, I signed Declan Rice for my team with his model citizen personality and good leadership and he has stayed at others in the hierarchy for 3 years now and I have no idea how to move him up (other than make him Captain, which is tempting to be fair)
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