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  1. Lovely write up @crusadertsar, I've always loved Brazilian football and I have to admit I enjoy an asymmetric formation too and this one looks a lot of fun. I would be really interested to know how you would adapt the system to counter specific styles. For example Klopp's Liverpool? They tend to be my bogey team in FM20 so it would be very interesting to see :-)
  2. For a possession based system with a central playmaker could something like the following work? F9 W-a SS-a AP-s RPM-s CM-d IWB-d CD-d CD-d CWB-s The idea is that the SS is your primary goal scorer with the W-a and F9 chipping in as well. The CM-d and IWB-d provide possession recycling options and defensive cover. While the RPM and AP create key passes and through balls from different angles and the CWB-s overlaps the AP for a crossing option (also provided by the W-a on the other flank). Obviou
  3. As would gets into opposition penalty area
  4. Have they been getting regular match experience at a decent level? Once players get to a certain level they won't progress with only under 23s football, even championship isn't enough eventually.
  5. I've had that before, but they did eventually become so. I think it may just be a display error.
  6. @Experienced Defender thank you again for the advice. Congratulations on your promotion to moderator btw mate, very well deserved! You are always polite and helpful even when the tactic is a disaster!
  7. Thank you for the ideas mate. I think you might be right about the WBIB instruction, I probably don't really need it and it might be what is preventing my winger from making that risky cross/pass. I am a bit reluctant to drop my winger to support in plan A as he is currently my second top goal scorer (7 goals in 10 games (+4 sub), but it is a good option if plan A isn't working. Speaking of plan B, if I drop my winger to support in plan B and flip my AP to an attack duty as in my original post, would it still be your suggestion to make my striker a DLF-a in a counter attacking system
  8. When I play my forward as one of the PF or TQ options it generally works ok. The switch of play doesn't happen as often as I would like but I figure that will improve once I have an AP with the PPM likes to switch ball to the other flank (though to be fair sometimes the CAR does it instead). When it does happen the winger is usually isolated one on one with his fullback or if really lucky the ball is played between the fullback and Centre back. However, the CM-a lacks pace so isn't always up with play as the winger has blistering pace, so that might be having a fairly significant effect. T
  9. Duh sorry forgot, positive mentality for plan A. Plan B is speculative at this point, never tried it so hadn't really decided, could stay positive but could also shift to balanced.
  10. Hi I am trying to get a short passing (but not possession obsessed) 4-3-3 wide going. What I am trying to achieve is to build up the play through a wide AP at AML and switch the play to my overloaded right flank or if that isn't on play in the attacking left back. Anyway on the roles etc.. PF-s AP-s W-a CAR-s CM-a DM-d FB-a CD-d BPD-d IWB-s SK-s Variations I also use: I have occasionally switched the DM to anchor man and the right full back to a defend duty when protecting a lead. I am really not sure the
  11. Put them on endurance individual training. It worked for me for me, I got a youngster with 8 work rate up to 12 in a relatively short space of time, granted he was also training as a wide midfielder (which also trains work rate) but it should still help.
  12. On a similar note, has anyone used one on support duty?
  13. I would expect the reason for your full backs not engaging earlier is because you have the instruction regroup on. Try it without this or maybe even with counter press and see if you notice a difference.
  14. Not true mate, works fine for me in my 4 at the back system that uses inverted wing backs in the fullback strata.
  15. Whilst I see your point, that is an extreme case of party boy professionalism, not quite the same as a captain having 13 determination (which isn't terrible) dragging every single young player down to his level.
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