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  1. I’ve been thinking about how we flatten the learning curve for FM and I keep coming back to a “training wheels” approach. Loki Doki’s recent video inspired me to finally write up how I think it might look. Assume that I’m a new player, I’ve created my manager profile and I’m ready to pick a team to manage. There’s a big friendly button, or a checkbox or something saying “Tutorial”. When the tutorial starts, it defaults to my picked favourite team before the final game of the previous season. I get a welcome email from the team’s current manager, maybe the board, saying how pleased th
  2. Thanks Rashidi. What would the 20 year tests show? I'd be interested in seeing what a week-by-week schedule might affect beyond attribute growth. I was thinking of getting a team far enough into a season so there's a week with only a single game at the end of it, then setting minimum Match Preparation, picking a team and leaving it on Balanced and then playing through the game with no subs or changes to tactic, recording match stats. Rinse and repeat with the same week, same game (just reloaded) to build up a sample size of 10-20 per focus and see what shakes out. Then again rel
  3. Thanks guys. Rashidi's guides are some of the ones I reference on a regular basis I'm clear that match sharpness is only improved by actually playing matches, and that Match Preparation is short-term boosts, I guess where I'm confused is that the manual explicitly states that for specific matches you may want to alter your General Training (not Match Preparation). On top of that, the interface doesn't clearly indicate that General Training only affects attributes (actually the individual player position training screens communicate that fairly clearly), and even allows you to pick a
  4. Hi, So I'm a bit confused about General Training. Many of the guides I've read seem to indicate that General Training is solely about attribute development, with the exception of Team Cohesion. However, some videos and guides seem to imply that General Training can also influence matches. The manual also implies that General Training can have short-term effects (emphasis mine): In the General Training interface, the descriptions for each selection reference "abilities" and "skills", with only the Fitness option specifically calling out attributes. Also, being able to select a
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