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  1. Any in-game screens, please? Customs ball have problems in FM 2020, as far as I know By the way, this is the 2018/19 version of the Premier League ball. Do you have the 19/20 version?
  2. What about mods and editor data files? Can they be imported in the game as usual like we can on the Steam version? Has the absence of pre-game editor been confirmed?
  3. These are the only working links I found at the moment. MiNiMaL_FuSS Marcelo's Tweak version http://www.mediafire.com/?3j6uuzv0mwvv38u MiNiMaL_FuSS Coterminosity V0.3 FINAL: (defensive version with a DMC) http://www.mediafire.com/?3cyht09cj396ozy MiNiMaL_FuSS Coterminosity V0.3 SKYRIM: (more pressing version with two CM's) http://www.mediafire.com/?jluut9dfafc4nph MiNiMaL_FuSS Coterminosity V0.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?ecvevrq7kgzupyx
  4. Is it a matter of "when" or more likely a matter of "if"? This bug has been reported since January 1st and we're now in mid-July. Honestly, it doesn't take much sense try to kid us post after post. A bit of honesty wouldn't hurt. Tell us clearly that the problem cannot be solved and let's get on with it.
  5. It's too early to answer to your question. However, I would tend to say that FM 21 will not be available on GeForce Now. I strongly believe that Sega did not reach an agreement with Nvidia or more likely signed an exclusive contract with Google. Since 31st May no more Football Manager games are available on Geforce Now. This means that Football Manager 2018, Football Manager Touch 2018 and Football Manager 2019 have been removed from the Nvidia streaming platform.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I can confirm coupon worked as expected and it was automatically applied at checkout. I was pleasantly surprised by the game performance and I stronly suggest to exploit this opportunity. Price with coupon is £10/$15/€17,50. The only downside is the lack of modding or graphics addons which limits the full immersion a bit. It would be absolutely great if Stadia featured the integration with Google Drive to add patches and mods.
  7. Thank you. I managed to find the game price in GBP here: https://stadiasource.com/article/742/More-Sales-for-Stadia-Members £20 which can be reduced at £10 using the coupon, so a real bargain! Someone is able to point out the amount in euros?
  8. Someone can tell me more about FM on Stadia? I saw that the game is on sale at 50% off for Pro subscribers. With a further €10 coupon for both new and old Pro subscribers, what will be the final price of the game in euros? €17,50? Unfortunately, no price is indicated on Stadia site. Once I bought the game, will I always need a Pro subscription to play it, even if I bought it? Furthermore: what is the situation about modding at the moment? Are graphics or cosmetic changes allowed at least? Thank you!
  9. Ok, now I see the difference. You set extra relegation spots in first season. It's a way to sort out the system, but not the correct one in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for the explanation.
  10. So, you set an extra relegation spot at level 7 (3 instead of 2) + PPG. But if you correctly set PPG at level 6 for 1st season, the number of teams at level 7 will be wrong. I'm just trying to reason with numbers: in 2019/20 season there are 88 teams at level 7. 8 teams get promoted to level 6, while 3 teams get relegated from level 6 (1 team reprieved with the PPG ratio). The number is 83. 9 clubs get relegated from level 7 (2 teams for each league + 1 team using the PPG ratio), while 14 teams get promoted from level 8. Total number of requested teams at level 7 is rightly 88. If you set an extra relegation spot at level 7, such calculation provides 84 teams, not 88. Is my logic correct? Furthermore, how do you set relegation at level 8? I suppose that you had no luck in setting the extra 8th division, but have you been able to set the relegation play-offs at this level? Forgive me for all these questions, but I would like to see a very realistic English database down to level 8. So I like to discuss about how we can try to make an almost perfect simulation.
  11. Sounds promising, but why PPG is set for future seasons, too? It should be applied for this season or just for the next one because of the voiding of 2019/20 season. Did I get wrong? Furthermore, two more questions: - Did you manage to set PPG for National League North & South relegation spots, too? - How did you eventually set promotions and relegations from and to level 8?
  12. @magicmastermind124 how I can export the xml file once I finished all the process? How should I use the mapping xml requested by Excel to export in xml format?
  13. It's not so simple for me because you have to set group stages only for Level 8 teams. Furthermore, these groups must be sorted geographically.
  14. It's unrealistic at the moment because it still has an outdated format. I don't think extra games will be a problem, so please fix it if you can. https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/the-velocity-trophy-new-season-new-format-57914
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