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  1. Someone already tested the Football Manager versions available on GeForce Now at the moment? Any feedback on performances? Any chance to play with custom databases and graphics or is just a streaming linked to your Steam account with the same limitations of Google Stadia?
  2. You can subscribe and download the files on the Steam workshop. Here the two versions: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=196757015 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236993159
  3. Hi everyone! I'm still playing and enjoying FM 2009 from time to time and I really like the FMG'09 kit style. I managed to find all the 6 English divisions, (plus level 7 Isthmian and Northern Premier and the two level 8 Northern Premier leagues), all 4 Italian divisions, all 4 German divisions and some major european leagues. By the way, if someone needs them, I will be more than happy to share them here. I saw that eventually a FMG'09 kits megapack was released at that time, but unfortunately all links on the internet expired. Someone still have this megapack stored somewhere? I'm particularly looking for the following kit packs: England - Ryman League Division One North by jj72guy England - Ryman League Division One South by jj72guy England - BGB Southern League Premier Division by jj72guy Ireland - Eircom Premier League by woodysj North Ireland - Premiership by woodysj North Ireland - Championship by woodysj North Ireland - Interim League by woodysj Scotland - SPL by many Scotland - 1st Division by Dickie Dandruff, graeme, dazza & woodysj Scotland - 2nd Division by Dickie Dandruff Scotland - 3rd Division by Dickie Dandruff Spain - Liga Adelante by Vegeta28 Spain - IID B - Group 1 by Vegeta28 Spain - IID B - Group 2 by Vegeta28 Spain - IID B - Group 3 by Vegeta28 Spain - IID B - Group 4 by Vegeta28 Spain - IIID - Group 7 by Vegeta28 Switzerland - SuperLeague by packmanch Switzerland - Challenge League by packmanch USA - MLS by NunoKopio & woodysj USA - US Lower Leagues by Uncle Sam Wales - Premier League by jj72guy Hope someone still have these files and is willing to share them. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply lionel. Basically, I would like to do something pretty similar to what happened with English 7 tier: create an extra division splitting one of them in two leagues (like did the Southern League) starting from the next season and reduce teams in every league, i.e. from 24 to 22. How could I achieve this result? Should I copy every league and set specific year rules?
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I use this thread to ask another similar question: how could I add an extra sub-division to a certain tier starting from next season?
  6. Five years later, here what you looking for. Hope this helps. Tug_Training_2009.rar
  7. FM players are too fundamentalists in some cases. Would be great to have an in-game media player with some default instrumental tunes and the chance to add your own music, too. FIFA Manager had their own music and it was extremely pleasant to play with that game. If you don't like music, you could mute it with an option in game. Really nothing to worry about.
  8. Great job as always. I'm a huge fan of your releases and I really appreciate your mass editing works. An expanded English pyramid down to tier 8 or just tier 7 with league and county cups would mean pure joy for me. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for your precious dedication! P.S. I sent you a PM months ago about implementing real fixtures for lower leagues. Could you please provide me any suggestion on this matter?
  9. Template slightly changed. Look here: https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/498941 https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/499023
  10. So, out of curiosity: another kit style change for the upcoming version of FM or it will be adopted just for the Gunners? Will this affect 3D mode, too?
  11. I have recently purchased a 64 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E with 4 GB RAM. I'd like to know what kind of feedback you can provide me after having played FM Touch 2019 on this tablet. Is the game running smoothly? Did you experienced any sort of UI or 3D match lag? Do this tablet let you play the game at the higher quality graphics at 60fps? Furthemore, any slight chance to buy the game at 50% off or more in the next coming weeks? 22 euros seem too much for an old game by now. Thanks.
  12. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    Are you sure? I see more than 30 logos for Czech teams, (just to mention some examples) and obviously all logos for European, South-American leagues and so on.
  13. You should use a logo with transparent background like this for a better result.
  14. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    Did you download both main pack and update 1? There should be over 6,700 logos at least when you extract the two pack.
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