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  1. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    Are you sure? I see more than 30 logos for Czech teams, (just to mention some examples) and obviously all logos for European, South-American leagues and so on.
  2. You should use a logo with transparent background like this for a better result.
  3. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    Did you download both main pack and update 1? There should be over 6,700 logos at least when you extract the two pack.
  4. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    What particularly logos are you looking for?
  5. They have been completed. https://www.fmscout.com/a-austins-standard-epl-kits-2019.html
  6. Ivs

    FM16 LOGOS

    @LEEMOD I strongly suggest you DVX logopack. Best logos for FM 16 in my opinion. Here the links: Main DVX 16 pack DVX 16 update 1 Here kits instead: SS Kits FM 16 FB Kits FM 16 3D Kits FM 16
  7. Wow, that's quite a challenge! I wish you the best of luck. I'm really curious about the rules that you need to follow to beat the Guinness World Record. Is there a list provided by SI here on the forum? Just to mention some of them, can you: - play FM Full or Touch version without distinction? - sim the match with instant result through a custom skin? - use custom db or only vanilla db is allowed? In the latter case, this means no real names fix and no kits colours correction fix?
  8. Late to the party, but I think Lazio match your needs perfectly and - no small feet - they wear really beautiful kits. Just my two cents.
  9. Be sure to set the neutral venue not only under the heading "Rounds", but also in the Fixtures Dates section.
  10. You could easily buy a steam key. Just tour the web. Google is your friend.
  11. If you look closely at the image I previously posted, you'll see on the right that there are a bunch of numerous Director's Camera and a [D] Free. So the question is: are these different cameras specifically set in the xml file or are they simply enabled through only a single string? in the first case, probably [D] Free is not present in game and if I try to choose it in the menu, it cannot function. But in the second case, if I see all the cameras that are really available in the game, then [D] Free should definitely work. I'll keep investigating. By the way, could I ask you where did you find the debug camera file? Is it possible to know where it's located? Maybe I could arrange a proper FM 17 Debug camera version. Anyway, glad to help you. This is really a useful and extraordinary discover in my opinion (I'm a graphics addicted, I know).
  12. I definitely think the problem is related to the file name. When you download the attachment, the file name is "1536479269_matchcameraviewpopup", but if you put it correctly in the menus folder, it won't work. File must be renamed to "match camera view popup" (obviously without quotes). I've successfully been able to get the mod to work on Football Manager 2017, the game I'm playing at the moment. The only problem is I couldn't get [D] Free camera to work on FM 2017.
  13. Guys, again. You are giving wrong advices to an user that came here looking for an help. "It's not possible", "install the disc and download the patch", but he specifically said this The code is valid to be redeemed on Steam. Maybe I did that myself before, what did you think? I don't know any other way to say this.
  14. Wrong! FM 2009 was the first that required Steam activation, but many users experienced problem with the game authentication at that time, so SI offered the possibility to register the game in other ways. So, if the copy is sealed and new, YES, it's possible to use the serial cose in order to redeem the game on Steam. Simple as that! Even FM 2008 have been released on Steam through a dedicated digital version, and in that case is really not possible to use the retail code to register the game on Steam. Moderators, you need to be better prepared to provide assistance and advices to users.
  15. Really interesting discover! @Exius, do you think this file could be used or adapted in old FM editions?
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