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  1. I would like to suggest to add another column into the staff overview, so that it is possible to see at glance when a specific staff member was employed by your current club. That information shows when looking into a staff member's profile, but it is not possible to add this information into your staff overview tab. The only thing I can add that is closest to it, is the start date of the staff member's contract. However, this is not the same as to when a staff member was employed by the club. For example, John Steen Olsen - a scout at Ajax - has been with the club since 1998. However, when I add the column "contract start date" it shows the start date of his current contract, which is 4/4/2014. I would really like if SI could implement this feature.
  2. The 'start today' option can be a way for to customize the season/campaign experience. Since the football season is already underway, it would be an awesome adittion to be able to start as per today. The option allows for users to begin their season with up-to-date standings and statistics. Now 7/8 months into the season teams are in the race for the national title or fighting agains relegation. Also, teams progressed and are eliminated from the Champions and/or Europe League. All teams should have the correct win-loss records and correct player stats (games played, goals, assists). Some gamers may wish to jump on the bandwagon of those with hot starts or look to turn things around for those that have disappointed thus far. It would add another exciting realistic option to the most realistic manager game.
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