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  1. danaro

    FM 18 - Frame Rate locking

    how did you do that? guys help me, i have to do it.
  2. its so slow when i play match. here is my dxiag. i send my belarc file to your email guys. please help me. i dont use any antivirus program. my graphic card is updated. DxDiag.txt 18.3.3
  3. danaro

    NO announcer?

    any help?
  4. danaro

    NO announcer?

    guys i start new career and see no commentary in the match? nothing happening below the screen, even when i scored. where is the commentary?
  5. admins why you dont answer to my threads?
  6. when i play 2d classic game lagging. help me. i dont have any facepack, logopack etc. i dont have any antivirus programme. help me im waiting guys. DxDiag (1).txt
  7. danaro

    FM staging problem

    mine ? same problem for me too. DxDiag.txt
  8. neil, it happend again help me.
  9. i changed graphic quality to medium from high. now looks fine neill
  10. yes i did. than i opened new career, play 4-5 match really good speed. than match engine become laggy again.
  11. i did. it is still same. didn't work
  12. jesus christ look at that. before the last updates everything was fine. now what the .... this? https://streamable.com/5mtxs
  13. and when i want to introduce the club for new players by my captain.