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  1. no its from you guys! you should aware of it. we dont have to say it. cant you see before the release game?
  2. Look at right team. Players heads are too close or too far to each one of them. hutchinson cutting vida and medel cutting pepe.
  3. in the beginning of career its normal but when their condition reach %100 a few weeks later, never decrease. stays on %100 for all players always.
  4. Why this happening? My all players have %100 match condition. i never use some players and even their conditons %100 too! Why is that?
  5. its so slow when i play match. here is my dxiag. i send my belarc file to your email guys. please help me. i dont use any antivirus program. my graphic card is updated. DxDiag.txt 18.3.3
  6. admins why you dont answer to my threads?
  7. when i play 2d classic game lagging. help me. i dont have any facepack, logopack etc. i dont have any antivirus programme. help me im waiting guys. DxDiag (1).txt
  8. mine ? same problem for me too. DxDiag.txt
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