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  1. He already mentioned he got Cahill at the start of the season, curious how much does he cost at the start?
  2. Always happens with new players I sign, after a month or two their stats start rising. obviously the quality of your coaching staff will have a part to play too but regardelss of how good they are new signings stats going down Is very normal for me at least.
  3. Amavi's attributes have improved explonentially since I've had him, he started as an accomplished wing back and is still just an accomplished wing back 3 seasons later. Every other position It usually only takes me 6 months to see an improvement (more bars are filled In In the position pie therefore becomes more natural In that positon) regardless if their key attributes have improved. What do you mean by circles?
  4. I play with wing backs I've had Amavi since he was 22, In my third season with Liverpool he's been training In that role ever since I got him and has easily played over 50 games In that time but no bars are going up. Same with Tierney coming to the end of his first season In which he's been first team at just 20 years old and still no movement, even with my coaches saying he's adapting to his new position well still no bars going up??? Help.
  5. Currently In my third season with Liverpool the title race with Spurs Is going down to the wire, good to see Spurs next fixture is against the reigning champs Man Utd oh and the one after that.
  6. I would 100% go with Keane, coming to the end of my third season with Liverpool he's England's first choice CB and currently the second highest rated player In the league which Is ridiculous for a centre back and with him being English he'll slot straight In. If not try Goldanigga from Palermo currently with Juve on my save like Keane just very very solid and dependable.
  7. I attend some of my Liverpool U23 games and other games In general when I can be bothered just to take my head out of my team if that makes sense. I attend U23's more then any other games to be honest, you can see the more talented players for sure I like to view the games against teams higher placed In the U23 league or the clubs with more repuatble academies. The players In my under 23's do seem to grow rapidly In a short space of time but I'd be surprsied If this Is anyway due to me attending games, who knows though.
  8. Have to say very impressed with the saves Two seasons done, won the title In my first, much trickier second season only just finished 3rd but did go on to win the FA Cup final. Started the first 10 games of the new season very well though. Have to say very impressed with Seandlee's 5-0 CL win over Real Madrid In the CL final and the margin of the above posters title victory, I sneaked the title by just one point. I have however bulit very much for the future and It seems like I'm beginning to reap the benefits. These are my ingoings and outgoings of the first 3 seasons I feel like I finally have a complete squad that can win the CL. I never thought I'd get to this but I have no real use for Firmino anymore quality player though he Is, has anybody else got shot of him? Also does anybody know of a way to look at final league tables of previous seasons?
  9. Oh really Allan's stats are insane though, what position do you play Grujic.
  10. Halfway through my second season for Liverpool I'm looking to get one of these from my under 23's Into Into my first team has anyone tried them?
  11. Joe Gomez - Should be available by the third season If Liverpool aren't giving him first team Michael Keane - Top top CB cost me 20m In my first season, not sure how you'll get him for 15m In your 3rd season. Milan Skriniar - My director of football found this guy for me, got him for 14m after a very good season with Sampdoria excellent stats and just 22 only had him for 6 months In my current save, impressive so far. Karim Rekik - Marseille CB was a Man City youth product so language shouldn't t be a problem, never signed him on 17 but always has a terrific average rating and just 23.
  12. If there Is one thing I've learnt about the current FM is That pre-determined instructions and especially formations aren't always the way to go. I had 4 seasons with AC Milan at the start of the game It was clear I didn't have the players to play the defensive ways most seria sides adopt, so I went attacking. My 4-5-1 with one CAM and two CM's, one of my cm's was a BWM which worked tremendously I bought Gudelj from Ajax to play that role with the very able Kucka for back-up. Both wingers attacking whether they were inside forwards or just normal wingers and both full backs attacking at all times, It worked wonders I finished 2nd and went on to have a great save. You have to close down more In this league sure I got a lot of bookings with this instruction especially my BWM but to penetrate these stubborn defences you've got to see as much ball as possible. I prevented short GK distribution and had either roam from poitions or run at defence usually both at the same times. They were my only 3/4 instructions and the only individual player instruction I had was shoot less often for my BWM If his long shots were poor (for some reason the player In this role In my formation always had around 10 long shots a game) I'd add shoot less often that was It.
  13. Wow I sold him for 10m to he same club, to be fair he didn't fit Into to my formation of no wingers played like 5 games In a whole season and I wanted him off my wage bill but still 70m!!!!.
  14. In my second save with Liverpool I won the title In my first season with a very strange formation. I NEVER change from my tried and tested 4-5-1 In any of my saves only usually adapting my team instructions but the formation below worked absolute wonders. At the start of the game Liverpool have so many cm/cam and no wingers other then Mane and Ojo, so my plan was to simply go with this try to get top 4 then bring the wingers In the following season and go back to 4-5-1. As expected I never conceaded many and with two of my cm playing as advanced playmakers and my cam also playing as an advanced playmaker there were goals In the team,Mane as good as I knew he was played about 5 games all season then I sold him. I had a blip around xmas and was still planning to go back to my 4-5-1 come the end of the season however Firmino with Coutinho just behind and the brilliant Clyne and Moreno and at wing backs things took of In the second half of the season, had so many clean sheets too. Camacho and Milinkovic-Savic were two very big signings for me too they were outstanding. I saw on here how bad Coutinho was on most peoples saves but he was excellent for me In this role 85m from PSG though he had to go so I could get Alli, hoping Correa can step up In CAM now. My transfers for both seasons are above, had a massive overhaul In the summer but kept my formation. I need a new GK for the good but not exceptional Karius and maybe shouldn't have let Lovren go but I'm happy with things. One of the big problems I have found at the start of the game is the lack of home grown talent for future European competetion so I planned In advance, bought a lot of youngsters, Alexander-Arnold went straight Into the first team an was very good put Gomez out on loan and now he's one seaons away from home-grown, Woodburn is my third striker now who's stats have grown rapidly so I'm covered there. 18 games In this season had so many injuries which have affected me find myself in third place 10 points behind an outstanding Man Utd who have only dropped 5 points. Just squeezed through my CL group I'm debating going back to 4-5-1 again next season as I do struggle to score goals at times, I really should have kept Mane. I have a few questions, how good does Woodburn really become? Will he ever develop to play up top on his own. Has anyone bought Vietto? I really like the look of him and could be looking for a ST. Should I go back to 4-5-1. I need top quality left wing back to replace either Amavi or Moreno as very good as they are and with Sessengnon not ready just yet. Oh and a keeper for the end of the season.
  15. My most succesfull career in the last 3 football managers was with AC Milan on FM17 It was a while ago before the updates. I got through some massive injuries In the first seasons and ended up 2nd (about 15 points behind Juve though), as mentioned the squad will need an overhaul Donnarmuma and Romagnoli are great youngsters from the get go and by the third season Llamas, Calabria and Locatelli are outstanding, Gomez is a very CB too I sold him before season 4 which was probably an error. One big downer Is you have to get through the first season without Niang (unless he has a recall clause In his loan move to Watford) who was probably my key attacking player On the RW with Bacca up front of course who Is just an animal. On the plus side there Is no europe In the first season If memory serves keeping your limited squad fresh. I finished 2nd (15 points behind Juve), and the squad you start with is more capable then It looks Lapadula for example Is a great striker. In my 4 seasons I finsihed top once, 2nd three times and won the CL and I can assure you I'm no FM expert.
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