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  1. Knap, have you tried your 424 poacher tactic with balanced mentality? I've just beat Man City away 6-0 with Dortmund. Fantastic tactics again mate
  2. I've got to say I'm loving this tactic. It's really solid in away games too. Sometimes I've been changing the mentality to attacking at home and I'm blowing everyone away. This tactic plays some amazing football when you watch the games. Thanks for sharing this, it's a fantastic tactic
  3. Everytime I get something going the new patch messes it up. Got a beast 4231 so I don't want a new patch choking it
  4. Cheers for the replies people. I'll just turn the Internet off on my computer until it's loaded. Thanks guys ☺
  5. Hi lovely people. I am loving a game I'm playing at the minute. I really don't want the next patch to mess it up. Is there any way I can stop the game updating? I've tried putting steam in offline mode but I get an error message that says I can't open the game as steam is offline. Is there anyway of not updating or playing in offline mode?
  6. I really like the look of this tactic. Just a quick few questions. If you don't have players that play well as b2b or CM's and very much playmakers should you just leave the roles as they are? I've used tactics where players are just at half on the suitability circle and they've worked out fine. Is the role suitability really important for this tactic mate?
  7. Hi Knap. I'm still using this tactic and i really love it. Just a quick one, what's your opinion on changing roles?do you think a complete foward on support would work up front instead of the false nine? And also do you think the AMC would work as an advanced playmaker instead of attacking midfielder? I've managed to get Dybala and Assensio buy they aren't getting much joy at the minute.
  8. Not a bad start with this tactic. Played 2, scored 14 and conceded 0 I've been using the WB raw siena and that's amazing. I'm going to switch between the two. Thanks for another beauty Knap
  9. Yeah mate, I've got fast defenders so they can keep hold of the strikers. But the tactic was tested without oi by Knap and it worked well. I'm just using the oi's I've got set because I had them set for another tactic.
  10. I'm not on my laptop at the minute mate so can't do screens. But I have a pre set oi's of show wingbacks and wingers on weaker feet, and I tightly mark all strikers. I have a really good team at the minute. Got Tah and Romognali and they are pretty much like a wall, but I think the oi definitely helps, especially instructions on the wingbacks to show on weaker feet because it makes them clear balls right into the centre of midfield where my team intercept them
  11. It's amazing isn't it. It's the best tactic I've used in about 10 years. The style is amazing to watch as well
  12. The counter one at the top of the page mate. It uses WB attack. It's the one in the screenshot on the opening post. It's amazing
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