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  1. Here you go, same thing happens here when I go to try and play the next game. 36049
  2. Just into my 3rd season and started to have the following issue: When trying to play a game, I get a 'You must select 11 players' message - although I have 11 players selected. What seems to happen, is that my regular CB is moved out of the team and replaced with a chap I usually have on the bench, and then he's not recognised. One of the 7 subs is also dropped for some reason. Baldwin is my regular CB and it's him who gets dropped for Mr Tchaptchet. The formation screenshot is how the selection is when I go into tactics, the message is then displayed as per screenshot ( can;t move the dialogue box to show that 11 players are selected, but you can see that there are 2CBs in there). I thought it was something to do with Baldwin being ineligible, the guy's on loan, but as per screenshot 3, you can see there's no issue. When I try and switch Tchapchet and Baldwin, Baldwin doesn't appear in the team. What I have to do is put someone else into the CB position, then switch them with Baldwin. Sometimes have to do this a couple of times for it to register the change. I can re-add the 7th sub with no problem. Doesn't happen every game, but I had a run of about 4 games yesterday where it did, followed by a couple where it was fine, then another 2 or 3 where it did happen. Hasn't happened in any other season.
  3. Also, some are happy to drop their demands, especially for longer contact security and a bit of a signing on fee. It'd just be nice to splash some of my excess wage budget on that Arsenal reject with a point to prove!
  4. Just finished season 1 and we got promoted to the conference proper (or whatever it's called now!). Going for some players who've been released by larger clubs, and who are clearly much better than my current crop, still only got the 500 max. I've got a couple of loan signings in paying a percentage of wage which equals 525 p/w, but permanent transfers have hit they 500 pound wall still.
  5. You can make a request to increase the budget overall, but not the maximum weekly wage you can offer each player.
  6. I don't want to increase the wage budget, just the maximum wage I can offer a player. My max is 500 p/w but with plenty of budget left and some decent players happy to sign but wanting 750 - 1000, is there a way to ask the board to increase the maximum wage on offer?
  7. I've got a couple of players who have been playing very well and I've had a message for each saying that their agents believe that their client deserves a better contract. No problem - but when going to the contract negotiation screen, they are actually demanding a lower wage than they are currently on.
  8. Very minor thing, but I've noticed several times that at the end of the game, a message has flashed in the text commentary saying that my team's second half performance has been a joy to behold - only it really hasn't! Last example - I was 2-0 up at half time then had a 'mare in the second half and it ended 2-2 - yet I got the message about my wonderful 2nd half performance. Not sure if the message should have been about the opposition or whether the AI just has very low expectations of me .
  9. But Android devices are - so is it that they're not supported officially as functionality can't be guaranteed? Because obviously, FM Mobile runs perfectly well on my Chromebook which has Android App compatibility enabled on the stable channel out of the box and is freely available for me to pay for and download from the Play store. Thanks for your response.
  10. FM does run on Chromebooks with Android support - I've purchased FM Mobile 2017 from the Play Store and have it running perfectly on my Asus Chromebook C100 (which is touchscreen). FM Touch wasn't available as an option for me to download - I assume because it's incompatible with my device rather than not available on Android devices in general?
  11. Is there an issue with penalties in the game? There were 10 in the first half of my season just gone, 6 for me, 4 for my opponents. All of them were missed. Following that, I got 4 in one game (all scored). 4 in one game I can believe, but 10 consecutive pens missed seems a bit far fetched?
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