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  1. I have to refresh this topic, because problem was reapeted again. In 2020 year in my career i moved from Atletico to Liverpool FC and spend two good first seasons. In first season i finished 7th starting from 18th. In second season i finished 3rd and won European League. Third season was very promising because i have completed great team with Diego Costa as the forward and some good newgens. First part of the season was really great. I lost only one game and got 11 points advantage on the second team. Unfortunately on dec/jan my team lost form. The form crysis started when i lost against Man Utd at home and my team can't grow up again. At the result, i finished 5th. Very bad finish, because i was first on the table in december with big advantage, my team was very strong team just had to win the tittle... Just something bad happened with my team, in february i can't won ANY game. 1. I was rotating players very often. Rotation is my favourite method of keep players happy. 2. Yes i was challenging for the title. Maybe i did some mistakes with motivational talk ? 3. I playing very offensive, because when i playing defensive i also loosing, but 0-1, not 3-4. Anyways i was conceded many goals with these tactics... I like to show you four screenshots. Two with first and second part of the season, and two with my most commonly used tactics. I hope you can help me any way, because i don't like this situation again because is very frustrating when you creating your team step by step and then you loosing chance of the tittle because some stupid lost games. Regards.
  2. Hi, I'm long time FM player, since 2005. I have problem in last few versions, but especially in 2017. My team losing form in march and april. I think is tactical or training problem. I playing one tactic all season and my tactic working perfect. Last time, when i was played Atletico i loosing little numbers of goals, but when the march has started i have started to losing many goals and i lost the tittle in the result. Always i swiching training from hard to the medium and low in the end of the season, but it not helps. I don't have idea where the problem is, but it kills all the joy of the game. I hope that you can help me. Sorry for my bad English Regards, Simon.
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