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  1. Yeah i spent 2 full seasons in mls and still didnt fully understand it
  2. Well i never new that , all the years ive been playing i just free transfered all the players in the same ppsition bar a few so they had to play the one i wanted
  3. I did something similar to Barcelona, with a little help from the in game editor I put all of their staff on max wage and 100% yearly pay rise they had to sell everyone decent in the end and ended up in spanish 3 rd division , this is when i came along and took over and bought them back to glory, by that point the staff were on 2 million plus per week lol
  4. No you will get 80k plus 10k after 100 league appearances and then you will get message on your board summary telling you the fans and board agree that you made a mistake selling de jong
  5. Wow never thought of doing this the posibilities are endless new Manchester team with Mexican regens? New spanish team with Eygptian regens? Whole new world just opened up thanks
  6. Fm17 wouldnt even let me register players had to go on holiday for a week to force continue
  7. I agree if your club gets a high enough rep and can financially sustain the u23 team then you should be able to create one and enter them into lower tier leagues like in switzerland and spain to name a few if no u23 competition already exists
  8. Update on this, I tried the above last night and it does work , athletic bilbao c are now K K Bilbao and sodlupe (low rep Basque team )are kow K K Bilbao B and the basque only transfer rules are in place
  9. Its a shame , i wonder if i created a club and used athletic bilbao c as the team it would then have the restrictions still that I wanted ?
  10. Hi did anyone ever manage to add transfer restrictions to clubs in the editor? Ive searched but only found old answers I want to add basque only players rule to a lower league basque club any help appreciated Playing fm17 by the way
  11. Switzerland is a really good plave to manage , tried the Liechtenstein clubs a few times or the lower swiss clubs that have an active under 21 team in a competitive division really hwlps for developing young players, there a dstabase on thw steam workshop with all the lower league teams in it and the Liechtenstein clubs are in the swiss cup draw aswell as theyre own cup, I would give you thw name but its in french so just look for that oone its a must for swiss league fans
  12. I had a wonder kid type player for a lower Swiss club I was doing a save with when the transfer window opened, a club offered a ridiculous 70k for my top young player to which the board accepted and took the decision out of my hands claiming it was to good to refuse,so I took action and offered the player to clubs and ended up getting 2.5 million for him a huge increase over what the board said was to good to refuse, anyway now on my appraisal screen it says the board is in agreement with the fans about the disappointment of the sale of the said player ,it really winds me up what time I see it
  13. Should have added I'm playing fm 2017 but I'm also a big fan of the Swiss league and have played it on a lot of previous fm's and also never noticed this problem either
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