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  1. hi guys, i just wanted to share my experiences retaining positions i am currently playing Russian league taking Krylia Sovetov Samara. i have bought a few cheapo and good russian players but the issue is alot of them need some kind of position re-training to fit my team 442 formation below are the players i bought Dmitry Stotsky AMR - 1st full season to train him to be fully a MR(20) - SUCCESS!!! Maksim Grigoryev AML - 1.5 seasons training him to be a Targetman(16) but so far no success..... Roman Yemelyanov DMC - i bought him in 2nd season, spend only 0.5 seasons training him to be a DC(18) - SUCCESS!!! Arseny Logashov DR - 1st full season to train him to a DL(18) - SUCCESS!!! For Maksim Grigoryev - i notice by accident when i focus training him on his STRENGTH from 12 to 14. suddenly he become a much better Targetman under Tatics screen. from unconvincing to competent. even though his positional rating as Targetman is still only 16.... so actually some playing attributes example Strenght in my case does affect Position status Thanks