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  1. Freekicks.

    If you were meaning in-game he's a horrible free-kick taker, I have to disagree based on my save. He's smashed a fair few free-kicks in for me, maybe one in three (that are shown anyway!). Probably ended up scoring about 7 or so in 09/10 season.
  2. Sadly, the version of CM that it had it on was purely text commentary. The commentary did get the flashing text treatment though, so my first reaction was "Yes! Ayala's scored!", followed by "Er, no, wait.. what??!!" It may have been a 6 month ban, like in the example the previous poster has given where Ayala (again?!) punched Roberto Carlos - it was in one of the first ever saves I had in CM/FM several years back now, and the memory of it is a little hazy.
  3. I had something similar to this the other day - took my Liverpool side to PSV needing to win to finish top of my Champions' League group. Had Kuyt sent off in the 6th minute and went 1-0 down on the hour. Managed to equalise in the 82nd minute after dominating the second half (bar the goal). Then in injury time, Isaksson (PSV) somehow made a quadruple save - first from van der Vaart's volley, before blocking follow-up efforts from Torres and Aaron Lennon, then turning another effort from van der Vaart round the post! Luckily for me, Agbonlahor scored from the corner and we ended up scoring another on the break to win 3-1. Headbutting other players? Back on CM00/01 with Valencia (is it something in the water??), I remember having Roberto Ayala completely flipping out and punching the referee!! Three month global ban thank you very much!
  4. Is this offside?

    I suppose it's like the events that led to Man City's second goal at Wolves the other week in the Prem, where a ball was played over the top looking for Bellamy (who was offside when the ball was played) but was intially intercepted by Craddock with a stretching header. Barry then picked up the loose ball and continued the move, which Bellamy was then involved in, to win the free-kick, which Garrido scored from. It wasn't given at the time, but most reports/interviews/opinions I've seen and heard agree that it should have been given offside. A bit of a longer delay between the initial pass and goal I guess, but it sounds like the officials got it right in dafuge's example.
  5. Agreed, Torres is as lethal as in real life! Scored 22 league goals in 21 games in my opening season. Gerrard and Dzeko also finished with 20+ league goals as well, helping my Liverpool side to 97 goals in the Prem. Torres was injured for 4 months as well... What superkeepers?
  6. Just finished 2009/10 season and they finished fourth, pushing Man Utd out of the Champs Lge places (as the title-winning Liverpool manager, I was pretty happy to see that!). As a side-note, I've managed to add Newcastle (who lost in the Championship play-offs) to my list of feeder clubs!
  7. I've just had a couple of good ones. The first day of the summer 2010 transfer window came round, and I had four pre-arranged transfers go through: Rafael van der Vaart for £6.75m (following a loan spell in season 1), Aaron Lennon for £14.5m, Ignacio Camacho on a free, and a promising 18-year-old Finnish newgen striker. The option to call a press conference came up, which I accepted. D'oh moment 1: Press regarding the Finnish newgen: "Was it frustrating that the negotiations took so long?" Me: "What? The contract was offered and signed within a couple of days! The only reason it took so long for him to actually join up with us is because the deal was done back in March or April - this was the earliest he could join!" D'oh take 2: Press: "Another question about the Finnish kid..." Me: "Hang on - you must be into double figures now with questions about his impact on the first team. That's double the number you asked me about vdV, Lennon and Camacho combined! Aren't you interested in their first team chances?" Then, a couple of days later, in a backroom staff meeting: Roberto Bettega: "I've just remembered - the World Cup's coming up. Do you think I should go and scout it?" Me: "What? Either your hopelessly late with that suggestion, considering the 2010 version is already at the semi final stage, or your being fantastically prepared for Brazil 2014. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter."
  8. Went for option 1 (stick with 4-2-3-1) and was going to play Pacheco until he got injured as well on the Friday before the game. Came away with a 0-0 as well. Could've won to be honest - Agger hit the post late on from a corner that wasn't cleared.
  9. Must say - I'm liking the Pacheco idea...
  10. Under 21s

    If I remember the rules correctly, as long as they're 21 or under at the start of the season in which the qualifying campaign started, then they can play in the finals (hence James Milner playing in this year's finals despite being 23).
  11. OK, here's the scenario. I'm managing Liverpool and I'm sitting pretty at the top of the league after 35 games with a cosy 10 point lead over Chelsea, who only have three games to play so can't catch me, and Arsenal, who can catch me because they have a game in hand. The next set of league fixtures see me and my side head to the Emirates - I only need a point to secure the title. However, I'm severly lacking in midfielders following an epic Champions League tie with Juventus, which I managed to win on penalties (needed a last minute goal from Carragher of all people to force extra-time!). I usually play a 4-2-3-1 against sides like Arsenal, with the three being either Riera-Gerrard-Kuyt if I use proper wingers, or van der Vaart-Gerrard-Aquilani if I play more narrow. The defensive midfielders tend to be Mascherano and Veloso (I also have Stephen Appiah). The problem is though, I'm missing six senior attacking midfielders: Gerrard, Kuyt, Riera, Aquilani and vdVaart are ALL injured and will definitely miss the Arsenal game, leaving my remaining AM's as Jadson, Shelvey and Marquinhos. So, I see three options: 1) Stick to 4-2-3-1 with Jadson, Shelvey and Marquinhos coming in. 2) Go 4-4-2, using Glen Johnson and Aurelio as wingers/wide midfielders with two from Insua, Andreas Beck or Carragher filling in at full-back. 3) Go for a sort of 3-5-2 system using Johnson and Aurelio/Insua/Beck as wing-backs, two from Veloso/Mascherano/Appiah, Jadson as AM with Torres and Dzeko up front. Which option do people think I should go for? Just to add a bit of extra edge, my remaining fixtures would be Fulham at home and Hull away in the league, but with a FA Cup semi against Man City and Champs Lge semis against Lyon/AC Milan/Barcelona. Meanwhile Arsenal are left with just the three other league games - but these are at home to Man Utd and Chelsea, and away to Spurs. Do I sacrifice the Arsenal result in the expectation that I'll get enough points against Fulham & Hull and Arsenal will drop points? I'm just curious as to people's opinions on the best course of action.
  12. Do regens grow beard?

    Don't know about facial hear, but hairstyles definitely change. On FM09, I ended up buying a Gambian left-back newgen who started off with an afro, but one day I noticed he'd switched to some sort of cornrows hairstyle.
  13. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Not so much funny as in amusing, but more funny as in "What the hell?" Note the position of Valencia's keeper - he, along with his entire defence bar Alexis had gone up for a last minute corner. Alexis only got a yellow card for the foul on the edge of his own team's penalty area! Justice was done thought, because Gerrard smashed home the resulting free-kick. http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss121/brod104/wheresthered.jpg
  14. Yes, those three are part of Europe (Israel and Turkey are geographically in Asia, technically, but for sporting purposes, they are considered European). I'd say that for a decent budget and a chance of pushing on in the Champions League or Europa League, you'd be better off looking at Turkey and choosing from Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe or Besiktas.
  15. "The Guinea fans are disappointed with the 2-0 defeat away to Ivory Coast". OK, so we were away to arguably the strongest African team, whose win in this game meant that they finish top of the World Cup qualifying table with a 100% record. We actually played quite well, had as many shots as the Ivorians and that's before counting our 3 shots that smashed the woodwork. Fine, no-one likes losing, but what more could we realistically have done? Sometimes it's just not your day, you know?