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  1. Guys, in need of a tactic for terrible team)))) 2 Bundesliga, Braunshweig med pred 18 from 18 joine after 15 games in the middle of the season from serie C in Italy last place, but got 2 mediorce CB, two so-so CM and 1 good striker from watford on loan plus GK from Crystal Palace got beaten alot via long balls in 2 games in a row hope u can give some hints for a tactic to save myslf from relegation thnkx
  2. @knap I accepted the job in 2 Bundesliga changed the team from italian Serie C The champ has already started The only balanced line I have is the defence and GK Had no time to adapt new tactic or buy players What tactic do you advise to play in a most simple and understandable way for players? Med prediction 12 Thanks in advance P.S. I prefer to win 1-0 rather than 6-5, if possible)
  3. @el maestrowanna try ur tactic in LL could you share the link, plz for the simpliest version? serie D in Italy as an example
  4. Gosh! I thought I have to make it manually)) Thanks p.s. BTW, @knap what's the most defensive tactic u've made? I mean not SUS but the tactics fitting underdog and sub-top teams perfoming 1-0 much more that the others? Wanna try to build the team as much simple and defensive as possible
  5. Could anyone adapt the schemes as the set pieces for download?)) Cos I have no clue, how to adapt the palyers for each match *sorry, I know that I am noob*
  6. @knap what tactic will u advice if I take lower league club (VNL or VNL conference) during the season? So I have no time for preseason and have to play the game with no reputation as manager? (yes, I start as unemployed with no experience) thanks in advance
  7. Guys, any advice how to prevent conceeding after scoring? Managing Bournemouth, 2022. Accept the job in the middle of a season. 17th place. Played 4 games. And in every of them after scoring my lads failed to stop next attack from the opposition. Any tips? Shouts as "concentrate" or "focus on defence" don't help. As well as changing mentallity to defending By the way, how do you protect the lead vs big teams after 75th minute? It seems that any tranformation to defend leads to conceiding
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