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  1. As someone who'd much rather play with real players and staff than regens and outdated teams - at least at the start of games - this project of yours is something I fully support. The main reason why I don't play in Africa (as well as the Caribbean and Oceania) is the outdated database, so having a proper update would increase my interest substantially.
  2. Ridiculous levels of detail, cheers for the work. Always good to see more Asian leagues given the attention it sorely lacks in the original database. On a side note, I don't know if it's the names file (which took more than an hour to load btw), but many of the added players have female names. Not sure if this was intentional since their genders are still male, but the same goes for the international/expat clubs. On a second load, I believe the naming issue lies with the 107-109 files.
  3. It did turn out there was something wonky with the fates. I've fixed the issue on my end, thanks a lot for the help!
  4. I've been running into an issue where the AFC Cup does not progress past the Round of 16; am on 18.3.0 and all of the other continental competitions are progressing as normal. Tried it without other updates or databases and the problem persists. Might you perhaps be aware of this?
  5. Would personally like to see the AFC Cup included as the current format is honestly really bad (too much segregation and groups are lopsided). A more Europa League-like format where AFC CL teams drop to the AFC Cup would be very welcome.
  6. Apparently that worked. Also moved some of the files back and the game managed to get past the loading screen. No issues detected so far, although that might change as I play the game more. Thanks for the help rendered over the past few days!
  7. Removed it because the file contained a lot of sensitive info, including my IP address. I can't see the email - what email address might it be?
  8. My device is up to date as far as security goes; I'm only running Windows Defender. Set both Steam and FM2017 as exceptions and reinstalled the game. Same issue persists.
  9. Game was working completely fine before the update. After the update, the game refuses to advance past the loading screen. Removed all images and editor files and did a reinstall, same problem persists. My laptop is ASUS X555L and my graphics driver is up to date. I doubt my save files are the issue. Please advise. EDIT: Also attached my DxDiag.txt. DxDiag.txt
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