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  1. I always found that to be the issue in this challenge. Having a top flight squad with a 3rd division keeper can be depressing 😂
  2. Yeah I know the drill. I recall trying the Small to Big Challenge with Parma back in the day. Now THAT was a demanding board!
  3. Apologies to @Diego D10S but Palermo look too good to be true. Mind if I give them a go as well?
  4. Yeah. I tried it a few times with smaller nations and it just never stuck. That’s why I am considering a bigger league. Not sure why I am considering Brazil. Probably just for “something different”. Issue is that, if I recall correctly, Brazilian seasons can end up being excruciatingly long.
  5. Going to finally give this one a real go after a long time away from FM. Just thinking of what league I want to try. Any suggestions? I’m considering Brazil just for the crazy league format. But I don’t know. I’m happy to consider just about anything...
  6. Reckon I’m going to give this a crack in Germany. Might try and get used to things first though. Or Palermo 😂
  7. I'm having a similar problem. But I am on a mac and mine just bugs out. Might try windowed.
  8. Yes I am, unfortunately Someone mentioned that "iz mac, is rooted".
  9. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but every time I try uploading videos from FM17 to youtube they come out looking awful. Like a movie that needs a decoder. A grainy kind of static over the top of it, in black and white and it appears to be repeated 3 times across the window. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to fix it? I tried Dr Google but he wasn't very forthcoming.
  10. I hope to get something set up tonight and give it a test in FMT.
  11. This is true. I could do the passing through PIs rather than TIs. But perhaps mixed passing could work generally.
  12. Hadn't considered a defensive winger. I had some bad experiences with one in earlier versions.
  13. That's the problem. I am honestly unsure as to what I want up front. One striker dropping into midfield is a given. Just an issue as to the other two. A rather large issue.
  14. Hey all. I have been thinking about tactics and my mind drifted back to the heady days of FM12 and 13. During those times I actually had the guts to create the formation/tactic that I really enjoy watching which is a flat 3-4-3. I want to create one again but since the match engine has changed so much as well as the roles and other things I have been playing it safe with such things as 4-1-2-3 Wide DM and 4-4-2. I was wondering how I could go about setting up an effective 3-4-3 as I have Facundo Colidio coming at the end of the season so I will have a strong set of midfielders and strikers (I am 1860 München). So I felt that it was the perfect time to start spitballing. I apologise in advance for the lack of screenshots but I am on my phone. I will edit some in later. Anyways, I love the flat 3-4-3 as a basis and this is what I will be looking to build on. My problems basically start from here! If it helps, Ideally I would prefer it to be attacking in the "You score 4, I'll score 5" way, notwithstanding that naturally I would prefer that the defence isn't that bad! 😜 In my opinion the pros and cons are these: Pros - Can overload the defence from various angles. Deep crosses from the WMs, one of the strikers dropping deep, another holding up the ball. - Can defend from the front. I want my defence to be predicated on preventing the opposition being able to play out of defence. - More flexible than you think. With player roles it can look to be a 3-4-1-2, 3-4-3, 3-2-5 in attack if the WMs get forward, 5-2-3/5-3-2 when defending. It's got a lot going for it (fanboy). Cons Obvious really... - Rather vulnerable on the flanks. While the outer strikers can put pressure on opposing fullbacks, any opposition wingers will require the WMs to track back. I have seen the 3 CB setups work better these days so there is "some" cover there but it is still an issue. - Can get crowded up top. This can lead to attacks breaking down as there can sometimes be too many getting in each others way. - Two CMs. Similar to 4-4-2, if it isn't set up right then the midfield can be swamped. As you will hopefully agree, I believe these can be mitigated through the roles and instructions. Team Instructions Attacking/Fluid - I am also considering standard. But I feel that Attacking will encourage the team to get the ball forward. The big issue for me is that I love short passing at a higher tempo. It seems contradictory but I enjoy the kind of football you can get. TIs: Close down more, tackle harder, pass out of defence, higher tempo, prevent short GK distribution, dribble less, shorter passing, higher line, offside trap, play narrower. In terms of the team instructions, I want the ball in the box fast. I don't want the team to be just blindly hoofing it forwards but to move forward in a purposeful manner. I do think that the ball is safest at the pointy end of the pitch. Defensively I want a strong press as soon as the ball is lost in attack or when the GK attempts to distribute. I think playing a high line and offside will also compress space and lead to hopeful long balls that we can deal with or a striker being offside. I am concerned about attacking with short passing and a higher tempo, but I think with tweaks it can work. Here is the idea I have for the player roles. SK - S: This guy is for if the offside trap gets sprung. He will probably have a hard life but hopefully he can cut out any shenanigans from misjudged long passes that my central defenders make a meal of. (Short passing/short kicks) LCB/RCB: CD(D) for both of the outer CBs. Nothing fancy, but I may fiddle with the closing down. I don't want them getting dragged out too much allowing for defensive breakdowns. CB: BPD(Cover). I love sweepers. Just love 'em and I want this guy to be my distributor. Cover is to fill any gaps left by the CBs and there can be scope for his passing to get the ball moving. LM/RM: WM(S). These guys are the handymen. Plugging gaps on the flanks and being an outlet pass as well as the main crossers in the team. (Try more risky passes, cross more often, cross from deep, sit narrower, run wide with ball). Basically they will tuck in a bit defending which will force wingers wide and if we lose the ball they will be part of a solid midfield block. CM(S): I almost wanted a CM(A) here but I think that with one of the strikers dropping deep either as an F9 or DLF I need the space. Will be a bit like the left and right mid. Nothing fancy but plays an important role in midfield. (Still considering PIs. I would like him to not get too far out of position but it could be useful for him to get forward and add another layer to the attack. More direct passing and less risky passes are also under consideration). I want him to be solid and dependable, but to have the ability to fire out a longer pass if it is on. DLP(D): The playmaker in midfield. Will set to more direct passing, try more risky passes ideally. As I said before he will be the main creative force. I will need a more defensively minded player in the centre of the park. NB: Other alternatives are a DLP(S) and a BBM or BWM(D). Or a defensive player and AP(S). But I think having the two CMs like the two suggested gives me a solid base in central midfield. The big issue here are the strikers. I think an F9's movement would be perfect for the striker who drops deep. But the other two make really uncertain. I have been tempted by a defensive forward to harry the opposition but I don't know how much attacking ability would be given up by the role. A poacher is tempting but perhaps an AF(A) would be better? I am concerned that a poacher will not properly press the defenders and may throw out the whole system. As for the other striker I am all at sea. Am considering a TM. Will hold his position, be the option for deep crosses and should be a nuisance when any rushed clearances come out from our backline. It may also create more layering in attack as well. Mini Summary (tl:dr) SK(S) CD(D) - BPD(Cover) - CD(D) WM(S) - CM(S) - DLP(D) - WM(S) TM(S) - Poacher - F9 Any thoughts or assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. I really want to make this work. PS: I realise that the formation is defence and no, I would prefer not to place the WMs into the wingback strata. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text and I hope you all can assist me in making (purely) my own decent tactic for the first time in a while. Thanks all, DrPoods PPS: Tried making a visual aid. But the website I used took out the punctuation. It's just to give an idea of the formation wanted.
  15. If anyone can get or indeed has a Turkish save with Batman Petrolspor promoted I would be eternally grateful. Been reloading for hours trying for them.
  16. Update to come. We survived quite easily in the end. Even fluked a playoff place in one of the league periods. Got smashed in the playoff though. Still, a bit concerned about next season. Our intake had about 5 left wingers and no central midfielders (or so it seems) which will cause trouble down the line.
  17. Well isn't that interesting! I was thinking more of how (I believe) FM does youth recruitment/intakes. Would presume a better chance of a good player than in a small town somewhere if that makes sense. Mini update: Have gone on a run in the few matches before the winter break and it seems to be continuing. Up to 13th now, playing a 3-4-3/5-2-3 counter/structured tactic. Was trying to be a bit more attacking earlier and jeez we shipped a ton of goals in the last 10 minutes of games. Even when I would try and change the mentality to hold on. Counter working beautifully at present. So I will stick with it. Starting the arduous process of retraining players as depth in key positions is rather slim. Finally, the board have agreed to build new training AND youth facilities. Also, they have promised a feeder club I can send players on loan to. Obviously I can't bring any of their players in. But I think it could come in handy as time goes by.
  18. The Club | My Experience | Club Overview Database Setup | Advanced Options Main Stand I did a bit of reloading to get my preferred team and eventually there they were! Amsterdam Football Club (Amsterdamsche Football Club) were founded in 1895 and play at a lovely little ground shown above. I chose them because I like the colours and the fact that they are in Amsterdam. This should mean (I think) that once we increase our profile, we should have some pretty nice youth intakes. Should, of course, being the operative word. Anyways, it's a decently sized squad but our best defender is refusing to sign a professional contract at the moment. The evil man wants over £2k per week. Given that would be 10% of our budget, it isn't happening. Unusually for these sorts of challenges (in my experience) we actually have some players in the U19s already as well as a keeper in the reserve squad. First order of business is to get some staff in. Then we shall organise a ton of friendlies as the season start is only a month away. Given the makeup of the squad I think we shall go with a 4-2-3-1 to start with. What's the worst that could happen? Besides, we have some solid(ish) players in attacking positions so I think we can certainly score some goals. Wish me luck. We are pounding lesser teams in the first couple of friendlies, but I don't know how valid that will be once we start facing proper competition. Predicted dead last... Aim is 19th.
  19. What is the reset date in Holland? I went to week before the OP and it had already been done. Correction: No it hadn't. All good.
  20. Ok. Had a few false starts. Have decided on Holland. Holidaying now and will post up some screenie links when I have chosen a team. Depending on the horses, I think probably a 4-2-3-1 will be the tactical system I want to use (when possible). I do have a fondness for a diamond 4-4-2 as well which I find trickier. I dunno. It may be that I have 50 million strikers and need to use 3 up top. More than likely it will be something like a 4-1-4-1 to start with though. Unless I get lucky with players. Especially if the opposition tend towards 4-3-3 with DM and wingers. Anyone got some pointers for Holland? What do teams tend to use? Really looking forward to this.
  21. Made a shift to a control strategy with both wingers changed to IF(A) and the FBs both changed to attack. The opposition instructions were amended slightly to allow more pressure on wider players. First match? Beat Crotone 4-0. Berardi with a hat trick and 5 clear cut chances. Absolutely put them to the sword. Will be interesting to see how it goes. I plan on sticking with it. Anythig is better than endless dreary results.
  22. Question gentlemen. Have been playing two W(S) and now have a CF(A) in the middle. But we are still not that good going forward often. Spurts of attacking but we are struggling to score goals. Would it be better to switch one to an IF(A)? I would like to get a bit more support to the central striker. Defensively we are nice and sound. But not sure what to do. Help?
  23. Excellent job! As mine goes, I think I am ready to run a season test. Happy with how it looks. Just needs a minor tweak or two and I think I am good to go. Have found that the relatively simple change of the fullbacks from FB(Auto) to FB support makes a massive difference. The counter philosophy was just keeping them too deep so there weren't enough options in attack. Still maintains a pretty good defence though.
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