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    After days of dithering and mucking about I decided to take on the challenge of Mirassol FC. Founded in 1925, Mirassol come from the Northern part of São Paulo state being some 453kms from São Paulo itself. The club plays in a nice enough little stadium, the elegantly named "Estádio Municipal José Maria de Campos Maia". They also don't have much history to speak of being the product both of a merger of two local sides and a bankruptcy in 1982. This appealed to me as I can make the club's history depending on how we go. They have decent youth facilities and a solid enough squad that I will want to improve prior to the commencement of the Campeonato Paulista.

    The Campeonato Paulista is going to be very tough to begin with. With sides such as Santos, São Paulo, Palmeiras and Corinthians we might be in for a bit of a tough time. However, it gives us a good chance to see where we are at and strengthen accordingly. Wish us luck!

    Regarding the squad, I would consider Kewin (GK)Reniê (CD)Daniel Borges (FB)Rafael Silva (Striker) and Lucas Rodrigues (AMC/ST) to be the key players and we'll do our best to hang onto them. That might be tricky though as teams like Bahia are heavily into Kewin already. Blast.

    Anyways, it should be an interesting save.

  2. I think it’s time to accept that São Caetano is not going to find themselves in Serie C... 😔

    So, I’m going to go through the clubs and find one that appeals. Interestingly there aren’t many from São Paulo or Rio that come up but I think they’ll be good as their state championships can give me a good indication of how we are tracking each season relative to the big dogs.

    I will have a look in the morning, pick one that appeals (at the moment probably Bangu or Ferroviária) and get everything cranking.

  3. 4 hours ago, Pelz said:

    Despite being a coastal town and often an available team, Taranto ain’t half a shoddy run down place... Went there once when holidaying with the wife (weren’t married at this point) and Jesus Christ felt like we had gone to a run down ghetto in the far reaches of the world.

    Team has potential though with good youth and training facilities etc.

    Just an awful part of the world! 

    I was happy when I saw Bitonto become available in a reload - but the board insist on signing under 23 players so imagine that will cause issues later down the line.

    Anyone have experience with board expectations such as that one and how likely it’s going to affect the job at hand?


    Not quite a town but I had the two Messina clubs come up. That could be a return to glory moment.

  4. 1 hour ago, aldojags said:

    Good luck!!

    Cheers dude.

    I’m having trouble getting a particular team to pop at the moment. Which is one I’d really enjoy.

    I do have some decent options though.

    If I can’t get São Caetano to drop then I’ll have to pick either Bangu (Rio club fallen on hard times), Mirassol (predicted 1st somehow) or Caxias Do Sul (Get to play Gremio and Internacional in Gaucho State Championship).

  5. I’m trying to get the side I want to do the Global (Less England) Small to Big Challenge. But it seems rather quiet in there by comparison.

    The only problem if I want to do it here is that the save has “add players to playable teams” ticked which would appear to be out of bounds according to the OP.

    Should I just start a new save then?

    Also, for a side that finished runners up in the Brazilian Serie A in 2000 and 2001 and runners up in the Libertadores in 2002, São Caetano are VERY hard to get! Unless I have missed them somehow...

    I suppose I could try another save but doubling up usually just leads to nothing getting done. Any thoughts?

  6. Hey all.

    I haven’t played much FM for a few years now but am looking to get back into the best challenge there is!

    With the global opportunities available I’m having a bit of a problem deciding on which nation to have a crack at.

    At the moment, I’m tossing up between the following:






    Basically I haven’t really managed in any of them apart from China (Notwithstanding some youth shenanigans in Brazil many moons ago).

    Any suggestions on which one? Or a fun league I’m missing?

  7. A really good read this.

    It goes to show how impactful a little pre-match effort can be when coming up against different opponents. As for me, I was always more of a plug & play guy branching out into OIs baked into the tactics I made (which Danwolf refers to).

    The result was usually a monstrosity of a tactic which could be badly exploited on occasion with no real answers from the moron in charge of the team (Guess who?).

    In any event, well done mate. It’s concise, well written and the screenshots really help in visualising exactly what you are looking for and going for.

    It also gives me the idea that perhaps I can tone down the PI/TI/OI hodge pudge that I usually end up with.

    I’d recommend anyone in a similar position to me to give it a read. It’ll really get you thinking.

  8. Well... Almost pulled off a giant killing to end all giant killings.

    Joinville attacked from the gun and were 5 minutes (plus stoppage time) from beating Goias who play in Serie A.

    Sadly close but no cigar.

    Gotta love AI counter attacks from out of nowhere...:rolleyes: By the way, if anyone is wondering what the "H" is next to Goias, in the event of a draw in the Copa do Brasil the higher seeded team goes through. No extra time, no penalties.

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    And so it begins again! I think I have outdone myself by creating an avatar that will make women blanch, men vomit and children weep tears of fear long into their adult lives, but I digress...

    Decided to give this a run in Brazil. Yes the seasons are long and rather convoluted but the State Championships usually give you a good chance to blood your younger players which is of benefit in the long run. Joinville have been in Serie A before and won Serie B as late as 2014. But the usual kind of mismanagement has led them to the desperate situation in which they find themselves, because let's be honest, anyone who hires me MUST be very desperate indeed.

    Their squad is pretty decent (especially for the level) and has ample players who are all quite young in the reserves and a surprising amount of youth players. All in all, it becomes about keeping our better young first teamers for the time being and attempting to catapult into Serie B as soon as possible. We shall see.

    Youth Squad | Reserves | First Team

    There are some quite good players floating about and they should form a nice strong core for the rest of our youth to develop. Here are the best of them...

    Caique | João Vítor | Dalberson | Eduardo Person | André Baumer

    I'm beginning to suspect that Eduardo is, in fact, an alien infiltrator. I mean, "Eduardo Person". Person? Who's he kidding?

    Anyway, we are also involved in the Campeonato Catarinense de Futebol which will kick off soon. Given that we are up against Avaí (Serie A), Chapecoense (Serie B relegated from Serie A last season), Cricíuma (Relegated to Serie C last season) and Figueirense (Serie B), we are likely the 5th best team in the Campeonato at present (at best), but we do have form having won it on 12 occasions. Also, it is close to the perfect State competition. Not too long and the competition is decent enough that any younger players will develop faster.

    So, wish us luck! 

    By the way, here is the lovely city of Joinville. And I think we have a lovely stadium. It's a 22,000 all seater built in 2004. Cozy with a dash of intimidation.

    Until next time...


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