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  1. A really good read this. It goes to show how impactful a little pre-match effort can be when coming up against different opponents. As for me, I was always more of a plug & play guy branching out into OIs baked into the tactics I made (which Danwolf refers to). The result was usually a monstrosity of a tactic which could be badly exploited on occasion with no real answers from the moron in charge of the team (Guess who?). In any event, well done mate. It’s concise, well written and the screenshots really help in visualising exactly what you are looking for and going for. It also gives me the idea that perhaps I can tone down the PI/TI/OI hodge pudge that I usually end up with. I’d recommend anyone in a similar position to me to give it a read. It’ll really get you thinking.
  2. Well... Almost pulled off a giant killing to end all giant killings. Joinville attacked from the gun and were 5 minutes (plus stoppage time) from beating Goias who play in Serie A. Sadly close but no cigar. Gotta love AI counter attacks from out of nowhere... By the way, if anyone is wondering what the "H" is next to Goias, in the event of a draw in the Copa do Brasil the higher seeded team goes through. No extra time, no penalties.
  3. JOINVILLE ESPORTE CLUBE Club Information | Manager Profile | Club Vision | Advanced Options | League Setup | Database Setup 1 | Database Setup 2 And so it begins again! I think I have outdone myself by creating an avatar that will make women blanch, men vomit and children weep tears of fear long into their adult lives, but I digress... Decided to give this a run in Brazil. Yes the seasons are long and rather convoluted but the State Championships usually give you a good chance to blood your younger players which is of benefit in the long run. Joinville have been in Serie A before and won Serie B as late as 2014. But the usual kind of mismanagement has led them to the desperate situation in which they find themselves, because let's be honest, anyone who hires me MUST be very desperate indeed. Their squad is pretty decent (especially for the level) and has ample players who are all quite young in the reserves and a surprising amount of youth players. All in all, it becomes about keeping our better young first teamers for the time being and attempting to catapult into Serie B as soon as possible. We shall see. Youth Squad | Reserves | First Team There are some quite good players floating about and they should form a nice strong core for the rest of our youth to develop. Here are the best of them... Caique | João Vítor | Dalberson | Eduardo Person | André Baumer I'm beginning to suspect that Eduardo is, in fact, an alien infiltrator. I mean, "Eduardo Person". Person? Who's he kidding? Anyway, we are also involved in the Campeonato Catarinense de Futebol which will kick off soon. Given that we are up against Avaí (Serie A), Chapecoense (Serie B relegated from Serie A last season), Cricíuma (Relegated to Serie C last season) and Figueirense (Serie B), we are likely the 5th best team in the Campeonato at present (at best), but we do have form having won it on 12 occasions. Also, it is close to the perfect State competition. Not too long and the competition is decent enough that any younger players will develop faster. So, wish us luck! By the way, here is the lovely city of Joinville. And I think we have a lovely stadium. It's a 22,000 all seater built in 2004. Cozy with a dash of intimidation. Until next time...
  4. Going Brazil mate. Find a weak state championship to blood the young guns and go for gold. Interestingly there seem to be quite a few teams that have graced Serie A that come up.
  5. For those interested in trying Brazil, I think I have found the appropriate date to save at in order to have a variety of clubs on the reset date. Save game on 7 November 2019. League Reset Date: 2 January 2020.
  6. Yes they can be. Very, very long! But Europe is doing nothing for me at the moment and I have a Spanish small to big game happening. It’s just for something different. I’ve been searching and I’m struggling to find the reset date. I suppose I’ll just go by the fixture list.
  7. Yeah, Turkey can be a real pain in the neck. I think I am going to have another crack at this in South America. I don’t think anyone has ventured down there this version?
  8. @XaW This might be a little left field, but how about a Libero on a support role? He would step up into midfield on occasion but slot back into the defence at other times. Wouldn’t he? Oh. I see I’ve come late to that particular party...
  9. I (along with another FM’er) are trying a save with Atalanta. Fantastic facilities, dynamite young squad and potential to grow. Once I get tactically better I may even *gasp* enjoy it!
  10. With that in mind, I think I’ll take the second suggestion and try Spain. Only ever had short saves with Atlético and Bilbao before and not for a long time. So something fresh.
  11. Doesn’t Holland lack promotion to the bottom playable division in the first season?
  12. Spain would be tricky. The Netherlands for the same reason due to Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord. @Balahara called it. The Netherlands it will be.
  13. I'm going to restart this in a week or two. I need to get to grips with all the changes since I last played FM. I'll be back once I've sorted out how I am going to play and what I'm going to do.
  14. I just wonder when the new Charlton owners will be added in. I’d play the Hell out of that!
  15. To be honest, I’m now tossing up some other leagues than Germany. I’d prefer something more along the lines of a Spain/Italy/Portugal than a Finland/Serbia. I had a save ages ago as Dunkerque where I won the CL but they are now playable 😟. Anyways, I reckon I might be willing to simply take the first suggestion I get from you lovely people, risky as that might be ha ha. So, first suggestion will be the league I take as I am unable to make decisions and want it done for me. Have at it! (Be gentle). (Note: Doing a youth academy save with Palermo, so Italy would probably not be a preferred option).
  16. If and when I give this a crack, it’ll be with Carshalton. Great job having those saves there.
  17. To be honest, I’m still tossing up my Volou and Palermo saves. I suspect Palermo would have more staying power. Also, I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy a bigger team. In the past I’ve done Iceland/Switzerland/Denmark and couldn’t really get any to stick. What do you all reckon? I’ll sleep on it. Suffice to say I love this challenge!!
  18. OLYMPIAKOS VOLOU Just a mini update. We had a shocker in the Greek Cup 4th round, which was our first competitive game. We gave up 6 CCCs so a little tweak was made to the tactic changing the style from a fluid counter to vertical tiki taka. And it seems (at this early stage) to have worked... Both draws have been in away games. The second draw was against Larisas where a defensive lapse in the last ten minutes allowed the equaliser. Anyways, off to a good start. I just worry that our small squad will really hurt us as we start getting injuries.
  19. AS OLYMPIAKOS VOLOU Manager Profile | Club Information | Club History | First Team Squad | u19 Squad Welp, I finally took the plunge. Taking on Greece this time which should be a nice change of page. It's a good league in my opinion as the standard of players is pretty good and the youth tend to be pretty decent in my experience (way back when). At present they are only spending about 50% of the available budget for wages after I re-signed the expiring contracts. The squad is a decent size without too many super old stagers which is handy. Also, while the u19 team only has one player in it, I think that allows the chance to make something from nothing as it were. We are expected to "struggle against relegation" and the following 4 years of the 5 year plan are essentially for us to consolidate in the lower reaches of the Superleague 2. The league itself consists of 12 teams who play each other once home and away for a 22 game regular season. Following this the league splits in two with a relegation group and a championship group. The bottom two sides are relegated which one sincerely hopes we can avoid. Tactically, we've played some friendlies with pretty pleasing results against overmatched competition. I set up a ton of friendlies as there is quite a long gap between the reset date (19 June) and the start of the league season (26 September). We are going to use this period to smash some minnows and build some confidence and familiarity with the system. I have rehashed an old strikerless tactic that I used a few versions ago (haven't played in a while) and I think it's going to work well. There are two variations. One is basically all out attack and the other is a counter style. Essentially the plan is to use the counter away and when we are at home to go all out to try and get two quick goals then switch to the counter. It helps that teams in Greece seem to think it's still 2004 and use a 5-3-2 or a 4-1-4-1 setup, sitting back and looking to counter. When the tactic is working it just gives them too much to deal with. Let's hope it works over a season. But I reckon it's better to flame out hard than to play a rigidly defensive system and try and survive. That's not to say we'll play like Zdenek Zeman or anything! Here it is in all it's glory... "Wish me luck, I'll need it!" And last but not least, we managed to get our hands on a coach who might be familiar to some of you...
  20. Seeing Met Police in the list of saves makes me keen to give this a go. Every FM version I’ve played I’ve tried to get them promoted by holidaying...
  21. Palermo! Got ‘em!!! Better give Holiday Man the boot and get cracking!
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