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  1. Why would any manager take on the Chelsea job if not for a huge payoff when you are sacked?
  2. Rodgers quote "It [Daniel Sturridge's goal] was the type of goal he was brought in for. He is terrific outside the box but he is a real killer in it This is so true. Surez is much better employed outside the box causing havoc rather than hanging around in the 6 yard box for those tap ins etc.
  3. Did you watch the Fulham game? Based upon the last games he isn't as much of a disaster as many people make out. The question is can you replace him with someone better for the same price?
  4. It will to the extent that there will be an effective cap on wages for top clubs and they won't be able to be financed by "sugar daddys". This means that everyone has the same income streams available eg sponsorship, gate income, TV, commercial. Obviously having a bigger stadium helps but I would consider the Liverpool brand to be stronger commercially than say Spurs,and perhaps Arsenal, especially in the far east.
  5. Use the code GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G for another 25% at GMG. Price is then £22.50
  6. Apparently Carroll is on his way to West Ham on season loan with no option to buy BREAKING NEWS Before I continue, some breaking news to tell you about. Liverpool striker Andy Carroll is in London to finalise a season-long loan move to West Ham. The 23-year-old England international is expected to undergo a medical in the next few hours before completing a move to London. It is understood there is no commitment to buy the player at the end of the loan period but it should allow Liverpool to free up funds to move for Fulham striker Clint Dempsey. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19425562
  7. Is there a link anywhere to what all the shouts do - eg does play narrower apply to both defence and attack.
  8. Problem is your comparing apples with oranges. I suspect that the modern game requires a higher level of fitness (as seen by the new techniques used such as ice baths/oxygen tents) while the previous eras would have required more brute force, especially as defenders, to get noticed. Its also easier to get noticed when playing in a successful team over many years. If you look at the 80s they had good players all round the pitch, with exceptional talent in a couple of positions. Those 'good' players would no doubt have not been noticed had they been playing at mid table club. Those exceptional players get noticed at whatever level they play at. Would gerrard have been picked up from a lower club, most definatley yes. Would carragher, potentially.
  9. Per day/week/year or over the life of contract?
  10. Finishing position: 4th Total points: 72 Total goals scored: 74 Number of games lost in league: 6 Top goal scorer (excluding penalities): Carroll Top assists: Downing Most red cards: Carroll Most yellow cards: Lucas Most man of the matches, as decided by us: Suarez Round we get to in FA Cup*: Quarters Round we get to in League Cup*: Quarters Number of league games Agger starts: 20 Number of games Reina doesn't start across all comps: 1
  11. http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/1285/Jupiler-Pro-League/article/detail/1300184/2011/08/02/Jovanovic-voor-twee-jaar-naar-Anderlecht.dhtml
  12. In previous years you had gerrard/lucas/meirals (sp?) who were deemed to be 'good' you would then have to work out what fringe players were to play with them. Now we have some decent players who can provide width against teams that pack the midfield, players able to provide bit of magic, but also 'solid' players who are able to put their foot on the ball if under pressure. It seems to be a squad where you can pick the right players for the game, rather than pick the only good players you had available.
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