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  1. I deleted....I will explain: 20.4 and 409 added files hehe Maybe is this a problem. This database work many years, I,m always testing. In next season file started well for 1-5 leagues and cups, but for u-18 season is reloaded too, but tables are the same like for the end of season e.g. 30 matches in leagues is visible. I noticed that in october 2020...Problem is in all u-18 system, every league. Really strange, I have experience with editor FM and huuuuge databases and I first time something like that. If for u work, maybe my other files are problem...
  2. @Bigpole I have a problem with your file. In my game U-18 doesn't work in new season - old data is visible. Other leagues work fine.
  3. @Bigpole, so I understand that 7th level is preparing ? I want to start new carrer (my carrers last 3- months :)) ), so I am asking
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