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  1. I too will have to purchase the game. Looked yesterday on Steam and was a bit surprised to see it was £37, thinking I would pick it up for about £20. Had been playing it using my cousin's Steam account whilst he's been working in America for a few months, but he's back now. Had a look around and FM18 is available via cdkeys.com for £13.99. I assume they e-mail an activation code which you then input on Steam?
  2. Is it important when you select which specific Match Prep you want for a match? When you receive scout reports for your next match, there is the option to select the Match Prep you want for the next match. These reports are normally a few days before the game. Does it matter if you select the Match Prep then, or on the tactics selection screen on matchday? Is there more or less of a benefit to select earlier or later? Particularly if you have Match Prep % set at a higher level and it runs for 2-3 days of training? And what happens if Match Prep is set at the highest level (so there are 3 training days before the match set to Match Prep) and then on the matchday tactics screen you change the Match Prep right before the game? Where does the benefit go, the original Match/Prep area, or the newly selected one?
  3. So 'Match Tactics' in match preparation will help players become familiar with the tactics I use. That is what I thought and makes sense. Is there a definitive answer as to what 'Teamwork' match prep and 'Team cohesion' in general training does (they both have similar vague tooltips) and is there a way of gauging how effective the training of these are? Bar charts/graphs etc?
  4. I'm a little bit unsure with the training module. Can someone explain the differences between Team Cohesion in general training and Teamwork and Match Tactics in the match preparation? This is the first iteration of the game I've played since FM12, where 'Teamwork' match prep seemed to be the thing to work on in order to get your players familiar with your tactics and each other. I would assume that that is still the case in FM17, but there now seems to be more options which I am not sure where to apply them.
  5. I'm now looking at this. Will it play the 3D match engine at all? Wouldn't be a deal breaker if it can't (atm I only occasionally play 2D FM12 on an ancient 9yr old laptop), but would be good to experience 3D FM.
  6. Hi! Can anyone tell me how this Laptop is likely to shape up with FM17? https://www.gogodigital.co.uk/aspire-e5-575-core-i5-6200u-8gb-1tb-15-6-red-laptop.html It won't be used for other gaming, just FM, and browsing/streaming on-line. Or if anyone has a better or similar alternative for a similar price?
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