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  1. Nevermind sorry I sorted it I hadn't to enable it in the main and the in-game menu. Thank you!!
  2. So I'm currently managing Derby County FC and Italy. It is the 2018/19 season and I just wanted to focus on my Derby career instead of splitting my attention with 2 sides to manage. I've had a poke around some of the other forums and I can't find where the button is. I've tried a board request but realised it's for your club and I can't find it anywhere at all! Please help me! -TJ
  3. 1) I turned this on and wanted to buy Kante in November but it still says I have to wait until 01/01/18 2) Thanks!
  4. So I need help with a couple of things: 1. What does Abolish Transfer Windows do? I bought the bundle they'd offer and don't know what it does? 2. What is the Manager Release Clause? I don't understand. Thanks
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