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  1. Any news @boonty? Let me know if you want help building the youth international competitions.
  2. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    December Results January Fixtures Current Table Just one of those runs that is very demoralizing. Very sub-par performance this month but the Board could careless since we are still meeting expectations but the fans are far from happy. Happy Holidays.
  3. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    November Result December Fixtures Current Competition Status We have qualified for the AFC Asian Cup, and surprisingly, 2019 AFC Asian Cup will be Vietnam's debut in the tournament.
  4. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    It has been a while, but I am back with an update on the situation. October Results November Fixtures Current Table We will qualify for the AFC Asian Cup if we get the scenarios below to work in our favor: Win against Maldives, and Yeman lose to Oman
  5. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    September Results October Schedule Competition Status
  6. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 11 Vietnam vs Philippines Starting Formation Result July/August Results Recap September Schedule Current Table
  7. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 10 Vietnam vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Starting Formation Result
  8. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 9 Martinique vs Vietnam Starting Formation Result Disappointing but we were not favorites in this match to begin with.
  9. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 8 Vietnam vs New Caledonia Starting Formation Result
  10. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    I don't have a league db but then again, I really have no plans to take over a Vietnamese domestic side in this save simply because I want to keep the save realistic in that a manager cannot be both a national and club coach at the same time. Also Scotland are currently second.
  11. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 7 Bahrain vs Vietnam Starting Formation Result
  12. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 6 Vietnam vs Belarus Starting Formation Result
  13. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 4 Vietnam vs St. Pierre and Miquelon Starting Formation Result Match 5 Gabon vs Vietnam Starting Formation Result
  14. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    I did not even notice that while waiting for the draw to complete. Very interesting as the way that the IFSA tournaments are set, there are no seeded teams, every team gets an incremental seed in a random order meaning they are drawn randomly.
  15. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Match 3 Angola vs Vietnam Starting Formation Result