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  1. Don't know if I should post here about tactics or not, but are FM18 tactic files compatible with FM19? FM19 doesn't recognize the files, and if they are not compatible, I would imagine an in-game message.
  2. Funny, I played against him and as soon as they got the lead, Mourinho parked the bus. It was a home fixture for me (Arsenal).
  3. waiting for this is way better than trying to find numbers to win the big lottery jackpot
  4. And around this time on Saturday, could give no care whatsoever to the live match.
  5. Think the last time there was a crisis was van Haal's Utd back in 2014-2015
  6. 1) Tactics tweaks if needed prior to season start (if you prefer to manage the friendlies yourself, otherwise no benefit) 2) Some money to balance out the costs of running the club.
  7. Sunderland!! Did them for FM17, then it was Arsenal for FM18, maybe it is time to return to fix the BLACK CATS!! But I will probably do one in the MLS and try to make sense of the US, since I'm from California but it just does not make sense the system we have here. Only positive is that we utilize VAR, so will see how it works in this year's edition.
  8. If I remember correctly, last year's release was on a Thursday around 3pm California time ( 11 pm BST)
  9. FM 17, I did way better than Moyes in the first 10 league games, 6 wins vs only Moyes' 1 win. Ended the first season mid-table.
  10. Would be nice to see you bring Sunderland back to the Premier League and duke it out with Newcastle.
  11. Any news @boonty? Let me know if you want help building the youth international competitions.
  12. December Results January Fixtures Current Table Just one of those runs that is very demoralizing. Very sub-par performance this month but the Board could careless since we are still meeting expectations but the fans are far from happy. Happy Holidays.
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