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  1. Don't worry about it mate. I'm gonna have another go at installing tomorrow and then I'll start worrying. It's far too late to be bothered. You guys have done a wicked job tonight.
  2. You really should go to bed Neil. Impressed by the dedication of all the team tonight.
  3. Nah, graphics system failed. I'm patched, updated drivers, done the SDK and updated directx. All that everyone's suggested, but my PC's over 4 years old so I wasn't really expecting it to work. I'll probably treat myself to a new machine soon and then enjoy the fruits of your labour. Well done for trying tonight
  4. Fair play to you guys staying up on a Saturday night to sort this lot out. I can't play due to my shoddy graphics card but I do appreciate and totally respect that you guys have put in some effort tonight. Fair play.