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  1. I would not of noticed this unless he got injured. I have Harry Winks on loan from Spurs, however, during the international break he played for Spurs Under 23's and got injured for a month against Chelsea. Obviously a bug.
  2. Ah, FPP thing. I found it, sorry.
  3. Hello, I'm in my first season as AFC wimbledon and have a lot of spare wage budget, 40k or so however whenever I try and buy someone I can't offer more than £350 a week. Anyone else had this? I also can't alter my transfer/wage budget either. Thanks
  4. Ah that sucks.. wish I had known before. Thanks
  5. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or they changed the rules. I'm in league 1, and all my keepers are injured. Usually, you can loan a goalkeeper any time during the season, but I'm not given the option to do it. The loan option is completely greyed out. I'm in September. Any ideas?
  6. Ok Thanks a lot
  7. I get people are using the past as a guess of what time it'll be released. However, my question is, is there a confirmed time? For example, the game I bought recently quite clearly showed what time it'll be released.
  8. Aussie guy, Everyone uses the phrase 'I think' that's not a concrete answer. I think Arsenal will win the league, doesn't mean it's fact.
  9. It still is, because no one official has replied with a concrete answer, including yourself.
  10. There's a lot of people saying 'they think, or would of thought'. Does anyone actually know? I recently bought CIV 6, it was released here on steam, before it was released in the UK because of the time difference, is there no one official that can let us know?
  11. Hi, I'm based in Asia, will the game be released 12:00 our time, or have to wait till midnight UK time? I bought my game already on steam. Thanks
  12. Why is Rooney a Natural CM?
  13. Rooney as a 'natural' CM?
  14. i have seen 125 or so goals in one season, in a holiday save in 2136 or something.
  15. Been relegated as AFC wimbledon on the last day through goal difference, once.